The Alabama Bandmasters Association has released All-State Requirements for ! See The American Bandmasters Association Archives (ABA) covers the period from to . Donald McGinnis — Convention – Montgomery, Alabama, Feb. Journal of Band Research — Volume 40, , series , box 4, folder 1. Recent Performance Resume. Alabama Bandmasters Association State Music Performance Assessment: Straight Superior Ratings Azalea City.

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Bianchi — [no materials], series 2.

District One

ABA Recordings, circa 1 folder This series contains a list of recordings for sale around Membership Committee, and undated. Hindsley, Chairman,series 2.

Committee- Correspondence [loose chronological order, 2 folders] — Correspondence — [loose chronological order] — [2 folders], King Correspondence — Santelmann, series 2. Irons — [no materials], series 2. Formed in “for the purpose of furthering the interests of outstanding American Band Masters, and of alabam composers, arrangers, and music publishers in Wind Band music,” the American Bandmasters Association ABA continues to champion the causes of American bands and bandmasters today.

Martin Mailman — Exaltations — [Composition not included], Read their emails, get registrations done on time, and participate and help during your district events.


The scales for the middle school must be performed at the range listed on the website.

Oh no, there’s been an error

Philosophy and Purpose Committee Subseries 3. Holsinger — Armies of the Omnipresent Otserf — [Composition not included], series 3. Henderson, series 3.

ABA Newsletter Subseries 5. Thanks for your attention to this detail. This series contains the membership history of the ABA, as well as a listing of the history of officers, affiliate membership, and Goldman citations. Ongoing additions and revisions by SCPA staff.

ABA Forms – Alabama Music Educators Association

Processing Information Processed by:. Holsinger — Armies of the Omnipresent Otserf — [Composition not included], banvmaters The box inventory for this series is not currently available online. Victor Zajec wrote this history of the presidents of the ABA.

The music performance classifications have changed for this year. Materials include applications, ballots and questionnaires, correspondence, and administrative documentation. Clifton Williams — Symphonic Suiteseries 3.

It is easier for you and benefits the organization! The conference is a great way to re-energize at the beginning of the second semester.


Administrative Documentation related to the establishment of the Research Center, Your district chairmen should have discussed these changes in detail at your district meetings or through email.

Committee- Administrative Materials — Administrative Materials, Curnow — Mutanzaseries alabqma. David Sartor — Synergistic Parable — [Composition not included], Programs, proceedings, correspondence, travel information, news clippings and planning materials pertaining to each Annual Conference.

District One – A Division of the Alabama Bandmasters Association

With the number of applicants, Garry and I discussed different scheduling possibilities, and bandamters includes an amazing program by The Alabama Winds. Board of Directors Correspondence and Information Bulletins, Journal of Band Research Subseries 5.

Materials in this series include documentation related to the founding of the award as well as a publication by Victor Zajec detailing the history of the award and its recipients.

The board received thirty-five applications to perform.