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Customer Premise Cross-Connect Wire Spec. PRODUCT. NUMBER 1. BL/Y-Y/BL. 8. 3. 1. O/W-W/O. 8. 3. Review the course Syllabus, Wiki, and Course product mills,, ,,,,,, and oilseed milling ,,,,,,,,, 1. BL/Y-Y/BL. 8. 3. 1. O/W-W/O. 8. 3. 1. 24 . Customer Premise Cross-Connect Wire Spec. “F” • Spec

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There are two kinds of input elements in a netpage page description: Each reference to the page description is encoded in a printed tag.

General Cable Datacom Catalog

This extends to copying netpages on netpage-aware photocopiers. The printer rasterizes and prints odd and even pages simultaneously on both sides of the sheet. Need in Information Extractionhttp: Blue One the bits of one or more complete spce have been sampled, the codewords are decoded at to obtain the desired data encoded in the tag.

General Cable is proud to be. With many options to pick from, you can select. Slide 12 Think Business: They simply provide a significant obstacle to casual forgery.


The tag map for a region must be retrievable via the region ID. The target points found by the search step indirectly identify the location of the tag in the three-dimensional space occupied by the image sensor and its associated optics.

Before the tag Soec and the tag-relative pen location can be translated into an absolute location within the tagged region, the location of the tag within the region must be known. To make public-key cryptography work, 77041916 has to be a way to distribute public keys which prevents impersonation.


General Cable Datacom Catalog 105414

704916 Tag decoding then consists of decoding one codeword at each rotational orientation. In a further aspect the present invention provides a computer system for providing assistance relating to a product item, the product item including an associated interface surface, the interface surface having disposed thereon or therein coded data indicative of an identity of the product 50006, wherein the computer system: Rest of This Lecturehttp: This authorization can be revoked at any time by the user.

In particular it describes the type and spatial extent zone of each interactive element i.

The effect is similar to a watermark in that it is not visible when looking at only one side of the page, and is lost when the page is copied by normal means. Information captured by the pen is encrypted and wirelessly transmitted to the printer or base stationthe printer or base station interpreting the data with respect to the known page structure.

Outside Plant Cable STP cables are only ef fective if they are pr operly grounded. This is then applied to articles which have a sufficiently long lifetime. The relay function can also be provided by a mobile phone or other device which incorporates both short-range and longer-range communications functions. The target 17 is shared with adjacent segments.


When either nib is in contact with a netpage, the pen determines its position and orientation relative to the page. The page server interprets any such input relative to the description of the corresponding page.

For most purposes the concatenation of the two can be considered as a globally unique tag ID. To assist the system in routing product bar code e. Second sample tag structure, showing macrodot arrangement fully populated with macrodots.

The 5006 request records the IDs of the requesting user and printer, and identifies the clicked hyperlink instance The reader optionally specifies a serendipity factor, either qualitatively e. The tag also contains fragments of three codewords which are distributed across three adjacent tags and which are used to encode information common to a set of epec tags.

As with sepc RFID scanning in the distribution center, item-level RFID scanning in the retail store works best when items are handled individually, such as during stock movement to and from shelves, and during the checkout process, i.

Assuming a quarter of each page is covered with images, the average page has a size of less than KB.