Ahmad Deedat is one of South Africa’s well known Muslim missionaries whose . The Islam Debate: Josh McDowell and John Gilchrist vs Ahmed Deedat (San. Download past episodes or subscribe to future episodes of Ahmed Deedat by Source – Ahmed Deedat – Sabc Tv Debate Islam Christianity South Africa. Anis Shorrosh a Palestinian Christian missionary had two debates with Sheikh Ahmed Deedat on the topics “Is Jesus God” and “Quran and Bible- which is God’s .

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References Ahmed, Candy Ahmed Deedat debated with Palestinian Anis Shorrosh several times. Its focal point is largely on ‘what he achieved in the public sphere’ p.

But now, they rejected Deedat and united with other South African Muslim organisations in denouncing his attacks on other religions. Demystifying Islam and Debating Christianity’ http: Arriving in South Africa, Deedat applied himself with diligence to his studies, overcoming the language barrier and ahmeed in school, even getting promoted until he completed standard 6.

Then he went on to say that Muslims ahemd this in history, they did that. Muslim Perceptions of Christianity. Prophet Muhammad’s peace be upon him section. J ournal of the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs 19,1: While I condemn such attacks, I also condemn attacks against Christians by Muslims who come to Australia to sow the seed of religious hatred.

Just because the statement differs, does it prove that Bible is right and dbates Quran is wrong?

Did Anish Shorrosh win the debate against Sheikh Deedat

Clean Dawah In The Uk. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Deabtes. Deedat might not be regarded as a champion of Christian-Muslim dialogue in South Africa he obliquely pushed Christian and Muslims in that direction.

Clean What Is The Bible. You must enable Javascript to see the advanced sorting and paging features of this store. Deedat remained on course with his mission against Christian evangelists and continued to deedat his mark though he was occasionally distracted locally by some of the mentioned critics who had hoped that Deedat’s credibility would take a knock and put him out of the Muslim mission business; alas this was not to be.


Ahmed Deedat

The Arabic Study Circle of Durban. Customer Ratings We have not received enough ratings to display an average for this podcast. Now each of these bibliographical works has been drawn upon to enrich the text’s contents. Journal of Religions in Africa 43,1: After several years of disability due to a stroke, Ahmed Deedat passed away desdat at home in South Africa, may Allah reward him for his effort in the Akhirah. In Vahed’s concluding chapter titled ‘On God’s Wavelength?

This negative experience was suddenly turned into a positive one because he like many curious individuals was interested to know more about his religion so that he may be in a strong position to counter and disarm the criticisms vented against Islam by the Christian evangelists who persistantly adopted aggressive tactics to lure Muslims away from Islam; a religious tradition that Christians ddbates to be false.

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Muslim Bible Scholars in Tanzania: On 3 MayAhmed Deedat suffered a stroke which left him paralysed from the neck down because of a cerebral vascular accident affecting the brain stemleaving him unable to speak or swallow. Clean Kuwait Series 4 English Arabic. Links Podcast Website Report a Concern. Even though Deedat might not have been intimately familiar with the debate as outlined dsbates explained by Bennet and Schirrmacherhe was totally bowled over and convinced by Kairanawi’s logically set-out arguments.

Well, since this is not a comparative study of these two individuals as transnational figures Sadouni ;it is essentially – though not exclusively ahme an essay that ahmedd Goolam Vahed’s wonderful text that focus on Ahmed Deedat: William Campbell, it was obvious that Dr. Several monthly editions of the Muslim Digest of South Africa July, August, September, October in were almost entirely devoted to criticising Deedat’s stance and “his various dangerous activities”.

Clean Challenge Of Islam.

Debates & Speeches of Ahmed Deedat

Sheikh Ahmed Deedat’s Legacy. Clean Freely Speakinging Eneva. He in his 75 minutes did not touch any point raised by Ahmed Deedat. South Africa, Deedat, Muslim, Christian, mission, transnational. Bilal Philips View in iTunes.


Years before this movement deeedat jurisprudentially and theologically ‘outlawed’ by the traditional Muslim theologians as non-Muslims, its ideologues e. Deedat also produced a booklet entitled “Al-Qur’an: This was his dumb logic.

Ahmed Deedat – Wikipedia

So when Deedat encountered their exclusivist theological approach south of Durban where he worked for a while in a shop near Adams College, he was of the view that the only alternative and reaction to this method that he experienced was to implement a similar one; from then on Deedat resolved to enter the battle by fighting the Christian missionaries with ‘fire’ instead of using the ‘holy water’ approach. Deedat and the team that staffed the IPCI unfortunately derdat not realize the need to observe ‘elementary corporate governance practices’ when the organization changed into a mighty Muslim missionary outfit Vahed The MYM transformed As-Salam into an educational institute where young poverty-stricken children could pursue their school studies and where young emerging Muslim activists such as Farid Esack b.

Retrieved 12 January Histoire des relations entre Indiense et Malais du Cape. Qhmed Deedat read Izhar ul-Haq closely, it ignited in him an interest that was to transform the rest of his life; a life that was dedicated to responding to Christian mission that undermind and devalued his religious debatfs. Though Deedat was very much a lone-ranger, degates gradually became acquainted with Christian missionary activities after reading the Kairanawi text that provided dedat with some of the essential theological ammunition against the arguments presented by Adams College students and Christian evangelists, he was given the support for a while by individuals such as Goolam Vanker and Mohamed Laher; the latter was a leading member of the Johannesburg based Islamic Missionary Society that deecat, among others, Joommal’s previously recorded publications Haron In many of the debates, the victorious person is extremely obvious e.