Introduction. “Avionic Full-Duplex Switched Ethernet” (AFDX), designated. ARINC , is a specification for a deterministic aircraft data network bus for. The ARINC message format is based on the standard Ethernet frame. The specification ARINC Specification , Part 7, Aircraft Data Network, Avionics. The latest ARINC data bus specification is known as ARINC This bus standard is based on an Airbus Industries proprietary data bus known as AFDX.

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A limited number specifidation data types are defined for implicit messages and are listed below. Retrieved from ” https: The virtual link ID is a bit unsigned integer value that follows a constant bit field. However, total bandwidth cannot exceed the maximum available bandwidth on the network. This page was last edited on 29 Octoberat This frame type is standard for Airbus and is one of the two frame type used by Boeing.

Through the use of twisted pair or fiber optic cables, full-duplex Ethernet uses two separate pairs or strands for transmitting and receiving the data. The six primary aspects of an AFDX data network include full duplexredundancy, determinism, high speed performance, switched and profiled speckfication.

This makes them more bandwidth efficient and more widely used. The VL ID is encoded in the destination address.


Avionics Full-Duplex Switched Ethernet

In one abstraction, it is possible to visualise the VLs as an ARINC style network each with one source and one or more arrinc. Also the switch, having a VL configuration table loaded, can reject any erroneous data transmission that may otherwise swamp other branches of the network. There are two speeds of transmission: The following table shows the frame fields in order with the number of airnc for each.

Virtual links are unidirectional logic paths from the source end-system to all of the destination end-systems. The network is designed in such a way that all critical traffic is prioritized using QoS policies so delivery, latency, and jitter are all guaranteed to be arin set parameters. AFDX was designed as the next-generation aircraft data network. However, some features of a real AFDX switch may be missing, such as traffic policing and redundancy functions.

Innovating together for the A XWB”.

Retrieved May 28, Contains the destination End System Identification. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use spefification Privacy Policy. Multiple switches can be bridged together in a cascaded star topology.

Each VL is frozen in specification to ensure that the network has a designed maximum traffic, hence determinism. The switches are designed to route an incoming frame from one, and only one, end system to a predetermined set of end systems.


AFDX® Specification Tutorial | AIM – Online

Avionics Full-Duplex Dpecification Ethernet AFDX is a data network, patented by international aircraft manufacturer Airbus[1] for safety-critical applications that utilizes dedicated bandwidth while providing deterministic quality of service QoS. Ethernet family of local area network technologies.

UDP ports numbers allow the Avionics application to associate message structure with the port the message is received on. Specifiation type of network can significantly reduce wire runs and, thus, the overall weight of the aircraft.

This frame include a supplemental layer called the EDE layer used for enhanced control, checking and time validation of the frame. AFDX extends standard Ethernet to provide high data integrity and deterministic timing. It specifies interoperable functional elements at the following OSI reference model layers:.


Each switch has filtering, policing, and forwarding functions that should be able to process at least VLs. Views Read Edit View history. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. specfication

Explicit messages contain format data to allow the receiver to interpret the data types. Contains the preamble, destination address, and source address. Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market. AgustaWestland asserts its independence in the cockpit”.