16 Jun Modular Fixture Design for BIW Lines Using Process Simulate® iii And finally, the basic of the fixture design for robotic application is the. Jig & Fixture Design. Introduction. Modern Manufacturing. FMS, CIM. Workholder (Jig & fixture). What ‘s different between Jig and Fixture; Basic Principle of. 6 Feb In Last post we had learned About common mistake in designing Locating Pins or BIW FIXTURE DESIGNED IN CAD Fig.1 Fixture Design Process Locating the work piece is the first basic function of a jig or fixture.

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Never miss a story from CadX Designwhen you sign up for Medium. This is fundamentally done by the locators and not the clamps. What about ease of operation of the fixture?

BIW Fixture Design: Basic Input required for BIW welding fixture design

How do we inspect the component and assure its quality? Have I ensured fool proofing so that part is not wrongly loaded or prevent fixhure wrong part being loaded?


What machine are we going to use? Fool proofing prevents improper loading of a work piece. Blocked Unblock Follow Get updates.

Poka yoke is necessary in design stage only. Become a member Sign in Get started. Once located, the work piece must also be held to prevent movement during the operational cycle against the cutting forces.

When the tool proves itself in this phase, it is ready for production. What are the reference surfaces in the part drawing? Now we will learn all these points in depth.

Other factors, such as tooling durability, difficult to estimate. Main sources of information are part print, process sheet, and machine specification. Final details are decided, final drawings are made, and the tooling is built and tested.

Clamps are primarily used for holding the work piece against the locators. Four categories of design considerations need to be taken into account at this time: Click below you tube link to watch full video lecture. To perform properly, both the clamping devices and their location on the work holder must be carefully selected. Are machining operations clear and the setups required?


Is clamping force directed towards the rest pads?

BIW Fixture Design Process

Download full PPT here – http: What are the locating surfaces on the component? After the tool is completed and fixtre, the last step is tool try out.

Fixture Design Checkpoints Is process clear? Is the rule of 3—2- 1 followed? Work piece Manufacturing operations Equipment and Personnel.

Second, the clamps must prevent movement of the work piece. Its so simple as shown in figure. Designer should ensure the tool room knows exactly what must be done when making the tool.

The locators, not the clamps, should resist the primary cutting forces generated by the operation. Clamps serve two primary functions. Is machining force directed towards rest pads or the clamp? What is the lead time available? Will chips accumulate on rest surfaces?