Matix Edge. Exceeds the edge of expectations. DESIGN. Pure lines flowing into a slightly curved surface convey all the typical lightness of contemporary design. 20% discount on switches and sockets Bticino Matix. Products 1 – 10 of 13 BTICINO MATIX – TV Aerials Vacuum Cleaners Automation Batteries Burglar alarms Domestic series Networking Home electronics UPS.

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With the new universal dimmers it is possible to control and adjust matiz light intensity of all types of loads. These tracking cookies enable the analysis of visits and browsed content. Modular switching program Matix is a decorative and quality switching programme that can be tailored with ease to your interior.

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Bticino – Matix

The switching programme Maix has been present for a few years and installed in lots of homes and business buildings in Slovenia. These advertising cookies are used to tailor our advertising to your needs. It works like a normal switch allowing manual switching on and off of the managed load but it can also switch the light off automatically if it is left on. These cookies are anonymous and do not allow the tracking of specific identified user.


This website uses cookies for it to function properly. Your Settings Strictly Necessary These are always enabled cookies required for basic site functionality. Discover the solution most suitable for you: Online store bticion Shopamine. Go to the configurator.


On all basic controls: Website uses cookies that enable anonymous tracking of information. Installation solutions for all contexts from the home to the service sector. You also may not be able to share effectively with Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks. System Boxes and supports Idrobox enclosures Hotel offer.

Vai a Toggle navigation. In accordance with the current privacy laws, BTicino SPA, with headquarter in Varese, Viale Borriinforms all the users that this nticino does not use cookies for profiling nor for forwarding of advertising messages based on the navigation history.

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Some of the answers that were confided to us by users of the switching programme Matix: Ok Read the document.

USB Charger Devices are designed to charge tablets, smart and mobile phones.

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Modern and technological, the new pull-out torch guarantees all the security you jatix when there is a black-out. Online catalogue Select one of the following items to display the product list: Website uses cookies that are mandatory for site’s basic functionality and among other things allow the user to add items to basket, go to btlcino, etc.

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