George Wiseman of rediscovered CPS technology and uses A Battery Charger that uses 50% less wattage to charge lead acid batteries. Capacitive Battery Charger & Capacitive Transformer . reporting on the booklet. George Wiseman, the author, calls it a capacitive transformer. Details how to build the world’s most efficient battery charger for less than $5 in parts. concept is both easy to understand and build. by George Wiseman.

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At rated flow, the pump needs 55kW shaft power from its drive motor. It can charge and maintain the charge of various voltage batteries at the same time.

Is the Sine wave constructed of the infinitesimal unto infinity residue of the cosine and visa — versa? Originally Posted by vidbid.

If anyone has done similar experiments I would like to hear from you. Originally Posted by nvisser That is a very dangerous circuit and should not be posted on an open forum like this.

Our resort has a generator that provides electricity 2: In other words were you to integrate the area under that curve what would it relate to? As AC says its hard to argue with something that works as presented and described!! Please login or register. Hi Allcanadian, Your idea has some merit as far as protecting the battery from over current. Andrew updated his latest efforts by reporting that the system had been installed that day chaarger there was a problem with too much water feeding into the engine.

In the cell the ions are created at the plates. I used a supply voltage of 12 volts and a capacitor value ofuF. He comes to this conclusion by the fact that if an ammeter is placed before and after the load, the current geoge be the same. I’ve got the Eagle research book too and thought about making his setup a number of times but I also didn’t feel it was the safest setup the way it was presented.


Relative measurements were made with sinusoidal waveforms and resistive sources load. I agree, but we the committee cannot make members do that, it is up to them that includes you. RBC is reporting a breakthrough in the development of rechargeable manganese dioxide MnO2 alkaline batteries.

I think that this is great to have a country group spreading the interest and information about ASTRO type subjects – congratulations for taking the initiative!

I made one of these capacitive chargers and it seems to charge 12V batteries very well and from the couple batteries I tried seems to de-sulfate them pretty well.

Capacitive Battery Charger, incl. Capacitive Transformer Ebook

Advances in modern inverter design bring real improvements in comfort, reliability and noise levels. So that is the formula.

Because of the voltage drop across the capacitor, the current and therefore power in the load LED is less, in this case half. Most Benches are visible only to members. Who gave less than Find all posts by Berg.

Capacitive Battery Charger, incl. Capacitive Transformer (Ebook)

Everyman is Responsible for Energy and Security. With very little alteration to this energiser circuit you have this thing with the ‘controler’ supplying the beat 50hz 60hz whatever probably many KHz knowing Tesla’s style. Here I have added a uF cap to limit current to mA because the amperage had risen to 4.

Capacitive Charger Experiment Code: Still to be absolutely clear of what I am saying In the example cited cyarger ‘real power’ measured in Watts or Joules as you wish is used in the transformation.

The capacitive nature of this ‘transformer’ allows super efficiency and is very simple to home build; much simpler than its inductive counterpart.

This is if you are using VAC.


Capacitive Battery Charger (preview)

For motorcycle batteries a 5uF cap worked better, the 25uF cap was creating a bit of “bubbling” in the 15AH battery. It is a reactive voltage divider. It’s exactly what I’ve been currently working on.

Its only a start I know fharger I had to let the dogs see the rabbit somehow. In deed its classic electrical theory.

I tried a 25uF run cap for charging large battires 50AH car batteries and that seems to work well. I like scribble Patrick don’t.

Capacitive Battery Charger, incl. Capacitive Transformer |

A simple voltage divider feeding the same SSR could also offer overvoltage protection. I have a question for everyone here while setting up the hardware and code for the controller. I believe it was successful enough to continue, so what does the club think of this? The water capacitor was difficult to keep in resonance hence the PLL circuit.

Brown’s Gas What is Brown’s Gas? So in this case the battery AH rate has been calculated by drawing a current of mA over 20 hours. It obviously needs some modification.

Leon mentioned the possibility of UPS units coming up for sale for scrap value from where he works and talked about some experiments Randal capxcitive him have been carrying out using a charge pump circuit for charging batteries. There is some strange things with capacitive transformers, they don’t obey conventional electrodynamic theories for one. The 3 capacifive 1 mysterious device that welds, brazes and solders. Wiseman’s approach was to adjust the capacitance on a whole bank of batteries switching a capacitor bank for maximum current whilst watching his house meter for minimum spin crude but effective I guess of course he had a different vista to consider.

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