Cosmic Codes: Hidden Messages from the Edge of Eternity [Chuck Missler] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. new excellent condition. You will grow in excitement as Chuck Missler details astonishing hidden messages within the text of the Torah that could only have been placed there by the. 17 Sep Largely a culmination of research and tid-bits Chuck Missler gathered over many years, Chuck claims this book is one of the most complete and.

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Remember, Hebrew reads from right to left. I chose to read this book because I’ve always rolled my eyes at people who insist that the Bible has secret codes that predict all sorts of things, from the Holocaust to ending the gold standard to the number of earthquakes in a given decade. And even today they continue to have more of an impact than any of us can possibly imagine.

My advice is to get it, read it, and pass it on.

In our next article we will explore some of the more significant “Bible Codes. Committed teams of microbiologists and computer specialists continue their efforts to further decipher the genetic codes in our DNA. Largely a culmination of research and tid-bits Chuck Missler gathered over many years, Chuck claims this book is one of the most complete and comprehensive reference edition on the hidden bible codes published to date.

Mar 15, Eric Rohland rated it it was amazing. The label atbash derives from the very procedure it denotes, since it is composed of aleph, tau, beth, and shin-the first, last, second, and next-to-last letters of the Hebrew alphabet. I am relieved that he doesn’t advocate using the Bible as a type of ouija board, but instead gives a cursory overview of all types of codes in the Bible text and then expands that into codes in our natural world.

I very much recommend this book. If you’ve read Missler’s stuff, he repeats himself a lot, and much of this is stuff he’s said elsewhere. Some truly provocative books have been published highlighting some amazing discoveries that would seem to validate the supernatural origin of the Biblical text, 3 but very few have written from the standpoint of a cryptographic background. Books by Chuck Missler.

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May 29, John Arnold rated it it was amazing Shelves: Learn the Bible in 24 Hours. This thoroughly researched book assists those investigating the inerrancy of the Word of God. Archy rated it it was amazing Dec 09, And yet the most astonishing codes are of the kind for which you do not need a computer. He does a great job of bringing the Bible into your world, making it real and authentic.

Cosmic Codes

It will be an entrance to the most engaging adventure conceivable, and you will be challenged to participate personally. Cosmic Codes -OS 4. Jodi rated it really liked it Feb 28, You will be able coces use this exciting information to discover the hidden messages yourself, because many of them do not require a computer to decipher.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes encounters ciphers three times in his uniquely distinguished career, demonstrating his thorough knowledge of the subject in The Adventure of the Dancing Menwhere he recognizes little stick figures as cipher symbols.


You will be able to use this exciting information to discover the hidden messages yourself, because many of them do not require a computer to decipher. Open Preview See a Problem?

Cosmic Codes -OS

It was these techniques which led to cipher wheels and mechanical aids, which ultimately led to the computer. If so, what do they mean? Refresh and try again. We will begin our review by exploring some background in the art of cryptology — the miesler of secret writing — and some of the efforts which have been devoted to the pursuit of extraterrestrial communication: He explores the impact of information sciences on our understanding of ancient texts It seems fitting that it is now the computer which appears to be opening up secrets hidden within the Biblical text since its inception.

The Bible Codes: Cosmic Codes – A Series: – Chuck Missler – Koinonia House

Cryptology – the study of secret codes and ciphers – has, of course, been stimulated by its use in literature. Nov 07, James Owen rated it it was amazing. Having spent a ckdes year career in both military and civilian pursuits in advanced communication and information science technologies — including deeply classified ventures in the intelligence field — and, also, having more than three decades in serious Biblical studies, I felt that a broader approach to the subject of hidden messages was appropriate.


Edgar Allen Poe’s The Gold Bug probably remains unequaled as a work of fiction, his tale turning upon a secret coded message. The book wasn’t what I was expecting–it was so much better.

Want to Read saving…. It is extremely provocative that the impact of modern technologies appear to have revealed discoveries that are desperately needed for our cynical and skeptical times. Rarely have I read a book that presented Biblical hermeneutics an understanding of the theology of the Bible in such a clear and persuasive way. Have a Bible handy. One bite at a time.

This could well prove to be the most personally impacting book you have ever read.

There are actually many types of hidden codes in the Bible, and the recently controversial equidistant letter sequences are but one of cpdes. The plan of the conspirators in Isaiah 7 was apparently to establish the son of Tabeal as the king should their plot have succeeded. What do these messages from the edge of eternity portend for the future?

Great overview of the hidden codes in the Bible; what they mean, and what ,issler don’t! It is the antidote to much of the frivolous, superficial books that have come codss recently on the Bible. David Gaddy rated it it was amazing Jul 22, Is there a relationship between these digital codes and the discoveries of quantum physics at the very boundaries of reality itself?

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. From the ancient cosmicc of our earliest civilizations to the “black chambers” of our most modern command posts, the art of secret writing – and the science of their decipherment – has tumbled proud thrones and turned the tide of major wars.