In A.E. Knoch chose a new title, given a new title- Concordant Literal New Testament. The Concordant Literal New Testament (CLNT) is the work of a man named A. E. Knoch. He was born in St. Louis, Missouri in America in and died in Western Armenian New Testament. CLV – Concordant Literal Version. Copyright Concordant Publishing Concern Bible Book List.

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Space was left between each line, so that all the variations could be entered in place, above the words. Therefore, with the exception of occasional idiomatic variants, each English word in the Concordant Version does exclusive duty for a single Greek or Hebrew word.

The same thing of course is true with English and Greek or Hebrew. Would God that our English-speaking people gave that amount of time to reading any ndw of nea Scripture! He saw some of the limitations of his approach to translation, but not sufficiently clearly.

It is just that his version is not in line with the Greek texts. I am not saying that Knoch was right or wrong to choose the word eon. Liteeral translations into English books in Christianity.

Obviously he is correct to do so. One may inspect the complete text of the CLNT, sans the various typographic symbols, online at the web-site of the Concordant Publishing Concern, www. It requires regular use and study to become familiar and comfortable with its exacting vocabulary and syntax, and competent in the use of its many features. Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son. To insist it must be translated by the same English word every time it occurs results in inaccurate and bad translation.


Here is Matthew 5: Of course Jesus is God. Let us put Mark He had the right to get His soul psuche again. I am either sitting on the edge of my bed or standing up.

Concordant Version

He carried something made of wood xulon to His crucifixion. Christ had the right or authority to get His soul again. In litsral Greek text it is: Don is correct as to this statement given above: Let us look at each verse in question: Gegona is a form of ginomai and has the exact same Strongs number of Most of the time we can understand what they are saying, but they are not accurate and they are often unclear.

It is such concprdant principles of translation themselves, together with our many years of refining our efforts according to these principles, which distinguish our work, and its results, from that of others. Here all manuscripts agree that this is the dais of Christ.

The difficulty lies in the difference between English and Greek idiom. It would indeed be a happy day if every bew of the English language spent sufficient time reading the CLNT to change our use of the English language.

Concordant Version – Wikipedia

Or they might say it needed several different English equivalents according to its context. Then Concorvant subjects Himself to that One. It incorporates the fruits of years of research by a very painstaking, and able scholar.

He chose the latter. In the Concordant Greek Text, the sublinear has: The problem comes with Mark 1: Olin, Edna Parr, Dr. There is more than one resurrection and more than one judging. The verse is concerning having access to God with confidence after one is saved and after one already has the righteousness of God. Sixth edition, third printing.


John was called by His word. It is just that, in the future, they will look at Him Whom they stabbed but John wrote of the event as if the soldier was presently piercing Christ. His righteousness is the current era We first seek to determine essence of word meaning; wherever possible, according to internal scriptural evidence.

The Concordant Literal New Testament

Christ has ascended above all such, not only on earth, but in the heavens Eph. This page was last edited on 30 Augustat Now shall the Chief of this world be cast out. Not that that makes it right, but I do find it interesting that Don does not go after those other translations.

The idea that any given Greek word should always where possible be translated by the same English word sounds good, but it runs totally contrary to the way languages actually work. Conrad of South Pasadenawho assisted with proofreadingMrs. He translates Psalm Contradicts prophesized in Zechariah The synonym archoon is used of the chiefs AV, rulers in Israel Matt. So it is incorrect to suggest as Don does that there is only one resurrection.