This content provides information about the Curcuma caesia. Available online at CURCUMA CAESIA ROXB. AND IT’S MEDICINAL. USES: A REVIEW. Sonjit Das, ProdyutMondal and Md. Kamaruz Zaman*. 31 Jul PDF | On Apr 19, , Sonjit Das and others published CURCUMA CAESIA ROXB. AND IT’S MEDICINAL USES: A REVIEW.

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Curcuma caesia

Increase in the absorbance values shows the increasing reducing ability of the extracts. An in vitro study. Natural Antioxidant in Human Health and Disease. Chemoprotection by phenolic antioxidants.

Curcuma caesia flower Click here to view. Open in a separate window.

The ability to reduce ferric ions to ferrous ions by the antioxidants present in rhizomes of C. Major chemical constituents, extractive values, physicochemical constants, and other features are also been recorded.

The same procedure was repeated for the curccuma solution of gallic acid and the calibration line was constructed. Revised methods for the Salmonella mutagenicity test. Higher mutagenicity was found when CP was activated with S9 but inhibition of this microsomal activity was observed in the presence of rhizome extract.


Published online Jan Antioxidant and Antimutagenic activity of Curcuma caesia Roxb. How to cite this URL: Introduction The emerging concepts of cancer is that the cancer cells are unstable cjrcuma its unstability is brought about by the documentations of cascade of mutations caused by mutagens and suggested that mutagenesis drives out tumour progression [1].

Molecular basis of chemoprevention with dietary phytochemicals: Whole plant Click here to view. The reducing power of extracts of C.

The quenching of free radical activity of different extracts were determined by spectrophotometric method against 2,2-diphenylpicryl hydrazyl DPPH following [25]. Total phenolic content The total phenolic contents in the examined plant extracts using the Folin Cioclteu’s reagent is expressed in terms of gallic acid equivalent the standard curve: Caeska page was last edited on 22 Marchat Statistical analysis The results are presented as curxuma average and S.

Ethnography and review [Thailands traditionelle Medizin: The ethanolic fraction showed caesla antioxidant activity by DPPH assay S9 preparation S9 is the mitochondrial enzyme mix required for metabolic activation of indirect acting mutagens like cyclophosphamide. Abiotic stresses increase plant regeneration ability of rhizome explants of Curcuma caesia Roxb. Preliminary mechanistic studies on the smooth muscle relaxant effect of hydroalcoholic extract of Curcuma caesia.


From the cudcuma it was found that all the extracts showed strong effective antimutagenicity against cyclophosphamide. The present work attempts to establish the necessary pharmocognostic standards for evaluating the plant material of C. Student’s t test was performed to compare the mean values with the positive control.

Curcuma caesia – Wikipedia

The authors have no conflict of interest to this reputed journal. Standard curve of gallic acid to find out the total phenolic content. They can be easily metabolised inside the body without any harmful effects that leads to the phytochemical based remedies [31][32][33][34]. The reaction mixture was prepared by mixing 0. It has been hypothesised that bioantimutagens act as second stage inhibitors that blocks the mutagen before they could attack the DNA [46] and bioantimutagenic effect of phytochemicals is determined in co incubation method [47].

Curcuma caesia upper view Click here to view.