Using the ‘Delftse Methode’ students learn to speak, write, listen and read in Dutch. Exercises are provided with support in the native tongue, available ina large. Contact. [email protected] · · Show System Alerts · Inloggen · DM – Delftse methode Demo’s Demo’s bij de Delftse Methode. DM – Delftse methode Woordenlijsten. Functies beginnen hier. Delftse methode · Demo’s · Instructievideo’s · Woordenlijsten · Toetsen · Taalaanbieders · Contact.

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Log in om voor u interessante producten te bewaren op uw Verlanglijstje. Integral recordings of the texts make it possible to practise pronunciation. There are also two further books in the series, Tweede ronde and, Derde ronde which take you to B1 and B2 respectively.

The trick lies in teaching these rules in the proper manner. If a real life situation doesn’t go exactly like the conversations go in the book then your at a complete loss.

Beginners intensive

Repeat the process but this time there are no pauses. She tells me that my Dutch is good. Metbode Delftse Methode is mildly entertaining if your are capable of figuring out whats going on in the stories but seeing as how my citizenship depends on me being able to read, write, and speak correctly!

Of course delgtse I was at school I used the recommended books, but at home, I am free to study whatever book I like. Please enter your email address and we will inform you about publication. This site uses cookies.

Wie vinden de Delftse Methode moelijk? – The Dutch Grammar Forum

The first section contains the text and an audio button for each line of text. It was not until my mother died 3 years ago when I decided I wanted to have another try and this time it worked. Notify me of new comments via email. I would be interested to hear how you get on. Books can be ordered at http: I have learnt so much from them and I am sure you will too.


Here dwlftse will find an exercice. Extra attention is paid to problems and exceptions. Personally you must enjoy your learning and that way you will learn more. Fill in the words en push the enter-button. You are exactly right – unless Methoe take the Greone boek every where I go, I don’t feel as if I have a chance of really delfse the language.

My bluetooth keyboard that I had for my iPad broke earlier this year so I thought this would be a pain but it’s actually not that bad.

Bondi Sciarone is one of the founders of the Delft method. Wouldn’t it be easier to first get a good sized vocabulary under our belts and from their learn how to properly use those words? The book is available in a number of formats including for iOS and Android – I bought it when it first came out for iOS but keep forgetting that I have it! With regards to understanding what other people are saying, I feel it has been good for that, and I feel happy enough to sit and listen to Dutch people.

Dutch courses Menu sluiten. Dutch is my mothertongue, but I have learned a few other languages since. You cannot see the dialogs but you can stop after each sentence and repeat what you heard. If you do any writing delfhse one of the natives correct it for you. I ordered them direct from holland and they should be here sometime this week. You are commenting using your WordPress.


Home Board index Language Programs and Resources Delftse methode All about language programs, courses, websites and other learning resources. De Delftse grammatica can be used in-class or for self-study as a complement to any NT2 method.

| De Delftse grammatica | |

By now, after one delfyse of Dutch learning, I just use whatever book which I am most comfortable with, and not necessary the book used by the school. You can not affort to miss any of the lessons!

The Delft method is known for its natural teaching style, with grammar only implicitly addressed in the texts. Also I look at language a lot differently now that I am older than when I was young. Presumably if you wanted to start the whole course over again, including the tests, you’d have to uninstall and reinstall the application as I couldn’t find a setting that would wipe the test scores.

Listen to the cd, while reading in your book at the same time. All new vocabulary offered is translated into 26 languages; this makes it easy for the participants to understand the texts. You hear the 10 sentences through once and then are given X amount of time to write them. If you make a mistake, you will see the wrong word in a different color. For more information about payment please, click here. Level De Delftse grammatica can be used in-class or for self-study as a complement to any NT2 method.

Write down what you hear and push the enter button.