3 Dec Intel Iris Pro Graphics ; NVIDIA GeForce M (2GB DDR3) %; Intel HD Graphics ; Intel Iris Graphics %; NVIDIA Quadro. Dell Latitude E Business Laptop Core iU GHz, Windows 7 . ; Shipping Weight: pounds; Date First Available: December 31, . Specifications. Dell Latitude E Processor. Intel Core iU. Graphics adapter. Intel HD Graphics , Core: MHz.

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The S;ecs E should therefore be a reliable companion in every working situation and beyond. Maintenance is made easy, and detailed instructions are included. Although the Core i5 processor has Intel’s HD Graphics built in, this only comes into play when very light 3D acceleration is required, or none at all.

Also, this is not a touchscreen, although our sample was supplied with Windows 7 so this was no loss whatsoever, and we remain sceptical about touchscreens on non-hybrid laptops. At least it does not produce any audible creaking or snapping noises. Only Toshiba’s Delll achieves a higher score in the comparison field.

However, the keyboard isn’t backlit, which is an unusual omission for a work-oriented laptop. Intel HD GraphicsCore: Score sort by value. The plastic casing is appealing, but can warp significantly in some places.

It complements the input devices very well. It sports a good screen, plenty of spefs, and all the ports and wireless connections you are likely to need.

Since the end user in the office will not see the original box, it does not include much more than the power supply and laptop. The temperature remained even more agreeable on the upper side where the hands are with 34 degrees For example, ” Assassin’s Creed 4: That is very likely because the Texan manufacturer willingly listens to the feedback of its customers and improves its laptops accordingly.


Dell has taken a sensible price-sensitive route when it comes to storage, providing a Seagate Solid State Hybrid Drive that combines a GB 5,rpm hard disk with 8GB of flash memory. The keys are full-sized and have a comfortably firm action, making touch typing for long durations very pleasant.

The system is based around a Haswell-generation Intel Core i5 U, which runs at a nominal 1. However, the manufacturer does not use standard voltage CPUs, but energy-efficient models like the ones used in ultrabooks.

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It sports a good screen, plenty of storage, and all the ports and wireless connections you are likely to need. However, this is right at the bottom of Nvidia’s mobile 7-series offerings, and based on the previous-generation Fermi architecture rather than the latest Kepler tech.

The ThinkPad was first, and now many are copying it: So this is a capable and zpecs low-power CPU. However, we reckon this would be a false economy now that screens are pushing to 4K, so the 1, x 1, option is definitely worth the extra expense. The screen has plenty of detail and reasonably dekl colour, whilst the matte anti-glare finish means that there is little problem with unwanted reflections in bright lighting. The Dell Latitude E is a well-specified epecs laptop with a reasonable price tag.

Dell Latitude E5540: a well-specified corporate laptop [Review]

Also, this is not a touchscreen, although slecs sample was supplied with Windows 7 so this was no loss whatsoever, and we remain skeptical about touchscreens on non-hybrid laptops. The Wi-Fi w5540 reception is good. Many parts can be accessed after removing only a few screws. Color shifts and contrast losses are seen in very acute angles. Dell’s new generation of Otherwise, the E’s specification is contemporary but unexceptional.


Fortunately, the battery is removable and there is a 97Whr option. The surface allows the finger to glide easily, and offers two dedicated and pleasant to use keys with a clear pressure point.

The design of the E is decidedly ddell, with matte black plastic the order of the day all round. Dell has a foot or perhaps even two in the door of many companies.

Dell Latitude E a well-specified corporate laptop [Review]

Work Score Accelerated sort by value. There is also a single USB 2. An SSD cache also makes for a faster hard drive here. As usual, if worn out, the rubber cap can be removed and replaced.

Review Dell Latitude E Notebook – Reviews

Nevertheless, good speakers are helpful in presentations or when listening to music or watching a movie after work. The keyboard features a backlight, but it is too pliable. For the original German review, see here. They provide enough power for office routine, and save energy and battery capacity at the same time.

All other comparison devices slightly lag behind the Latitude E However, the keyboard could be inserted a bit more firmly in the casing in the next model.

Consequently, the scores in the PCMark benchmarks are quite good. A wireless radio switch is xell available on this side, next to the power connection.