Market Mind Games has 44 ratings and 6 reviews. Terry said: Denise Shull is a neuroscientist and former trader. Given her background, I was expecting an. Written by Denise Shull, Audiobook narrated by Donna Postel. Sign-in to download and listen to this audiobook today! First time visiting Audible? Get this book. Market Mind Games is a book about the mindset of trading. Conveniently, the author offers her own summary which I’ll paraphrase with some adaptations.

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Regret Theory says that people have the desire to avoid future regret when they make their decisions. Every trader is an entrepreneur. Blog Statshits.

However, when you do so without really knowing who or what you are fighting back against e. Does it strike anyone else as ironic that Jonah Lehrer wrote a book entitled How We Decide and then went on to make the stupendously reprehensible decision to fabricate material in a book called Imagine?

The markets, as symbolized in the most implacable authority figure — price — creates an inference regarding whether your current value is better or worse.

The link below talks about how neuroscience denie to economics: Narrator can sound robotic at times which put me off but shulp not bad. The Spectrum of Fears To help you with step three, I want to give you the spectrum on which most of your conscious feelings are going to fall.

It should go without saying that any piece of writing in this day and age should exist without errors. This is a book about the mindset of trading. Because honestly, some information of the book seems to be pretty technical for those who didn’t study psychology. Can Pets Affect our Partner Preferences?


Market Mind Games

These supertraders make millions of dollars – markef in hours – and consistently outperform their peers. Know when to push it because you have emotional capital and psychological leverage. With these words, Denise Shull introduces her radical – and supremely rational – approach to risk. Look for these differentiators. Arrange your days so that you can be working from peak or near-peak energy the majority of the time. We all know this feeling. The author or she got it from the current research states that we need emotion for vision, for meaning, and for essentially everything.

Why do I need to read a book on how to be a better trader if all it tells me is to stay healthy and get enough sleep? The book overall is kind of juicy.

More importantly why we make the same mistakes over and over.

Market Mind Games | Psychology Today

Trading is a battle between you and the market. The research of Antonio Damasio is very impressive. Exercise gives us a physical boost that makes us feel more optimistic, and that counts as psychological capital.

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You dream of being in the alternative situation and have to relive the reversion back to reality. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Market Mind Games: A Radical Psychology of Investing, Trading and Risk

Do you ever wonder if there is a real method and philosophy behind the success stories? Steve Ward Narrated by: Things have gone well and it gives us a lot of confidence. With athletes and performers, we tend to naturally appreciate the whole body-mind continuum. I think it is plausible that for some people with strong emotional experiences or scars in the past, aspects of trading might look like a shadow of the past and incite similar behaviors. Revised and Updated By: In fact, reams of research out of the psychoanalytic traditions and now even decision science indicate that putting feelings into words, does indeed provide a great benefit.


Todd rated it it was amazing Oct 29, Jonah Lehrer’s Ironic Imagination Does it strike anyone else as ironic that Jonah Lehrer wrote a book entitled How We Decide and then went on to make the stupendously reprehensible decision to fabricate material in a book called Imagine?

It leads you to be introspective, and while dneise are doing so, here are some questions to ask:. Aviles rated it really liked it Aug 16, Valentine Chuke rated it it was amazing Sep 18, Could everything we think we know about ourselves – intelligence and rationality versus emotion and irrationality – be wildly off the mark?

The reader gets a 0!!! Richard and Sherri rated it it was amazing Aug 07, Easy to listen to