Market Mind Games has 44 ratings and 6 reviews. Terry said: Denise Shull is a neuroscientist and former trader. Given her background, I was expecting an. Written by Denise Shull, Audiobook narrated by Donna Postel. Sign-in to download and listen to this audiobook today! First time visiting Audible? Get this book. Market Mind Games is a book about the mindset of trading. Conveniently, the author offers her own summary which I’ll paraphrase with some adaptations.

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Shull puts the fractal-emotional context as the core, wrapped around by the emotional context, which is further wrapped around by the feelings context.

Book Review of Market Mind Games by Denise Shull | Journeys of a Bumbling Trader

He believes that successful trading is based on three M’s: He had just stumbled on it on Physorg. Once when I began trading, and then while I was trading. What can they teach the average trader or investor? This drew my attention a bit more when it was needed. Theoretically, you could extrapolate that the massage increases blood flow, as massage does, and in turn sends even more oxygen to the part of the brain which needs it most! Because honestly, some information of the book seems to be pretty technical for those who didn’t study psychology.

Book Review of Market Mind Games by Denise Shull

TradingEcology rated it really liked it Aug 01, Ironically, the denisse helpful thing to do when you have blown it is to feel bad! Based upon extensive research and practical application in the real world of the trading floor, TraderMind includes methods, tactics and techniques to build and enhance awareness and insight, which help manage thoughts and emotions narket maximize trading performance.

I like the author’s argument that emotion is the basis of human thoughts; it forms the foundation on how we think for the rest of our life and it all started from the moment we were born.


It might look on the surface as if it does, but the feeling will linger and reappear, oftentimes acted out instead of just shjll. Know that you are trading or investing against people who at the end of the day read the same books you do. Blog Statshits. Even though it is. If a feeling feels urgent, if it feels compelling, suspect it as impulse.

Valentine Chuke rated it it was amazing Sep 18, Get access to the Member Daily Deal. All decisions involve emotions as much as you’d like to deniss yourself from emotions in making trading decisions.

Reams of research indicate that putting feelings into words does indeed provide a great benefit, it not only reduces anxiety but verbalization can actually allow us to work more effectively on a thinking level. The author said that our unconscious builds a picture book that it sorts through to reference.

I enjoyed this book quite a bit. I was hoping this book would be more practical.

The Daily Trading Coach: The research marmet Antonio Damasio is very impressive. Interviews with Top Traders. Feelings Matter—Even in Investing Decisions It’s a neuroscientific fact that we need emotion to make a decision. Tharp is an internationally recognized expert at helping others become the best traders they can be.

Market Mind Games

That is the life of the successful day trader. Getting over regret is harder than recovering from other feelings. The overwhelming sense of urgency begins to dissipate. It seems very mundane, but human fuel—in jarket form that emerges from food, sleep, and exercise—matters. If this is so, then thoroughly understanding your emotions Or better yet, how can we make sense of the market moves this past week when they are unprecedented?

The Red Pill for Traders and Investors, Tharp leads listeners to dramatically improve their trading results and financial life by looking within. Rotten food makes you feel disgusted. This is simply not possible.


Market Mind Games | Psychology Today

I did not need to be convinced, I recognized the value in many of her ideas after watching her on YouTube. All decisions require emotion; therefore, emotion needs to be re-imagined as data in order for any decision maker to be fully leveraging their brain power. This meltdown occurred and got worse through psychological levers on more than one level.

You are powerless to change the past, and feeling powerless leads to feeling depressed. Denise Shull Narrated by: Given her background, I was expecting an truly powerful and insightful book.

Trading for a Living helps discipline your Mind, shows you the Methods for trading the markets, and show you have to manage Money in your trading accounts. You can also put your feelings into words. This book is too academic, and the author tries to convince the reader of her ideas.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Easy to listen to Deliberation without attention brings better results than conscious linear thought i.

Beliefs are pre-existing conditions that create implicit context.

In the unique arena of professional trading coaches and consultants, Van K. I had to order this book in hardcopy, the narrator of this book can basically be markwt with a machine, so mechanical. Listen to this work, featuring narrator Rick Rohan, and you’ll soon discover your portfolio growing in new and unexpected ways! Being well-rested is an edge. The book itself starts a bit slow and gets rather technical, but very interesting if you work in this field.