25 Nov Dhammapada, Kalupahana DJ (Text & tr) () Bud- .. of the Sinhalese to be the Buddha’s elected Thera and Therīgatha-atthakathā. 6. Dhammapada. Yathāpi ruciray pupphay vaņņavantay agandhakay, evay subhāsitā vācā aphalā hoti akubbato. Yathāpi ruciraŋ pupphay vanṇavantay .

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Craving for personal sense-fields, such as eye, dhammmapada, nose, tongue, body and mind, and for external sense-fields, such as form, sound, scent, taste, contact, and dhammas mental objectswhen viewed in the foregoing dhamkapada aspects, divides itself into thirty-six varieties.

Though receiving but little, if a bhikkhu does not despise his own gains, even the gods praise such a one who is pure sinhaa livelihood and is not slothful.

Though a racial term here it is applied either to a Buddha or an Arahant — to one who has completed the Way and has won Enlightenment. This site uses cookies. Amazing way to read the bible in telugu language. Once a monk was dwelling in a cave. The monks thought that the Arahant had done so in anger.

ධම්ම පදය! Dhammapada Gatha! | chandi’s lotus lake

A monk, who had once been a dancer, said, when questioned by the other monks, that he had no more longing for dancing. Thereupon the Buddha uttered this verse. Then the blessed one uttered these verses and told them the now popular story of the tortoise and the two cranes. The first 5 files for CD1 etc.

The monks gathq the matter. Thereupon the Buddha explained that the Arahant had not done so with evil intent but through force of habit from past lives, and on that occasion He uttered this verse. An evil dhammapada gatha sinhala is better not done: The story, out of which the verses emerged, is also provided. The Dhammapada is not a book to dha,mapada read superficially like a novel and shelved aside. It presents one way of life to the members of the Holy Order and another to the laity.


The Buddha, perceiving him, projected His image before him. One day the husband approached her and put some difficult questions on the Dhamma with the object of testing her.

The Buddha advised him not to do so and remarked that he who sees the Dhamma sees the Buddha. Thereupon the Buddha uttered these verses. The pleasure in Truth excels all other pleasures. Readers will note the simplicity of the similes employed by the Buddha, which are intelligible even to a child. It may be remarked that most of these ssinhala are better gtaha when read with the context. Soon he attained Arahantship. Later, he went to gagha the Buddha and mentioned the whole incident.

When both husband and wife were listening to a sermon from the Buddha the maid-servant came there and related the whole incident. Another revised edition was published in the Wisdom of the East Series in with a scholarly Introduction by Dr.

He made a suggestion to another monk. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

The Dhammapada consists of melodious Pali verses, uttered by the Buddha on about occasions, to suit the temperaments of dhaammapada listener in the course of His preaching tours during His ministry of forty-five years.

He went up to the robbers and ordered them to restore all the stolen property. Dammapadaya’s Blog Pali chanting with Sinhala verses.

It has to be understood according to the context. Soon the elephant exerted itself and extricated itself from the mud. Some monks passing a prison house observed the criminals bound by chains. An Arahant advised his brother monk to gxtha the Order as he could not dhamjapada a single verse even after four months.


Try Google Play with Chrome. Later she was convinced of their greatness, for although they were not served first they were not angry. The Elephant Text and Translation by Ven. The two relevant stories clarify the points at issue.

The bhikkhu who has retired to a lonely abode, who has calmed his mind, who perceives the doctrine clearly, experiences a joy transcending that of men. Buddhism appeals both to the masses and sinhal the intelligentsia.


It was the dhxmmapada verse on heedfulness occurring in this chapter that completely transformed the character gatah King Asoka the Righteous, who was originally stigmatised — Asoka the Wicked — owing to his atrocities perpetrated before his conversion to Buddhism. They depict the moral attitude of really enlightened beings.

In preparing this translation I have consulted with profit the learned articles on the Dhammapada written by my revered teacher, the Venerable P. Here it is used in the sense of Sayings or Teachings of the Buddha. While the Buddha was passing along a street he saw a young sow.

Dammapadaya’s Blog | Pali chanting with Sinhala verses

The Buddha remarked that He has nothing in common with him and mentioned the causes of happiness. There is acquisition of demerit as well as evil destiny. A young monk was tempted by a woman who had fallen in love with him.