Again, the eBooks reproduce the text, though not the exact visual likeness, of the original publications. They have been created through a process of scanning. history of the Sixth Edition of the Discourses should refer to. Web editors’ supplementary material at: A spiritual classic, in print since the s, Meher Baba’s Discourses throw the light of true knowledge on many of life’s most perplexing problems. Inspiring and .

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Then comes a third stage where a synthesis of love and reason is achieved to bring an altogether new type of consciousness, best described as superconsciousness.

Inspiring and practical, the Discourses provide an ever-fresh framework of spiritual perspective on the challenges of everyday life. In the course of evolution sanskaras play a vital role in the formation of consciousness, and thus eventually bring about self-awareness in the human form, where full consciousness is achieved.

There are no discussion doscourses on this book yet. He also taught about the concept of Perfect Masters, the Avatar, and those on the various stages of the spiritual path that he called involution. Throughout most of the s, Meher Baba worked with a category of spiritual aspirants called masts, who he said are entranced or spellbound by internal spiritual experiences.

In Divine love, lover and Beloved are indivisibly one.

Meher Baba Media :: Audio Books :: Discourses Volume I

Maya is not unreal; it is abba which makes the real appear unreal and the unreal appear real. He warns also that many disturbing thoughts are bound to try to distract the mind from its object and he advises patience and the confidence that they will subside.

In babx associative type the synthetic activity of the mind Anwaya is involved, while in the dissociative type the analytic activity of the mind Vyatireka is at work. I mean what better than to have the teachings directly from the master Himself? Meher Baba disqualifies as meditation any other mental process that doesn’t have spiritual significance for the subject. Nancy rated it really liked it May 24, Oct 09, Jasmine rated it it was amazing.


According to Meher Baba the ridding of sanskaras can be quickened by the help or guidance of a perfected master or satguru. While I agree that stories about the life of Meher Baba are incredible and inspiring, true transformation and an ability to emulate a life such as His come from awakening to the Divine Love that he incarnated to share. The mental processes are partly dependent upon the immediately given objective situation, and partly dependent upon the functioning of accumulated sanskaras or impressions of previous experience The frozen past is what it is, and no amount of worrying is going to make it other than what it has been.

Awesome guidelines to assist my involution. In the Discourseslove is mentioned in many forms. This is a must-read for any lover of Baba in my opinion. The goal of life, instead, is to achieve this “I am God” state as a permanent and genuine experience. The sections on reincarnation are the best I’ve ever read. Love pervades the universe. According to Meher Baba this ultimate experience, for which the universe came into being and is continually sustained, cannot be described or talked about, but only lived and directly experienced.

Discourses Audio Books

As lower forms of love come in conflict with higher ones, human love is limited by many meyer. He also points out that any effort to force the mind during meditation is bound to be spiritually fruitless. Meher Baba was an Indian spiritual master who said he was the Avatar, God in human form. These three types, although undertaken one at a time, are to be used complementarily, but in such a manner that the one doesn’t interfere with the progress of the other.

Discourses by Meher Baba

Refresh and try again. Oct 07, Dennis rated it it was amazing. Evolutionarily, the ego is formed by the inherent nature of living beings to store, integrate and evaluate experience around a central mental point. In the beginning these two factors are in a natural harmony, but the one doesn’t have conscious access to the other.

It is a living through of sufferings which are mostly our own creation. From the point of view of the awakening individual, however, Maya disappears completely as consciousness becomes free of its grasp. Spontaneity and love for the object of meditation are of utmost importance. Worry is experienced when things go wrong, but in relation to past happenings it is idle merely to wish that they might have been otherwise.


The use of the term Ego in the Discourses does not follow the Freudian definition, although generally it refers to the same concept and many parallels can be drawn. A soul is God-realized when it has first traversed evolution, taking each successive form in creation until it achieves full consciousness in the human form the terminus of physical evolution according to Meher Babathen has gone through successive lives during reincarnationand finally, having traversed the inner planes of consciousness during involutionhas achieved consciousness of its true original identity as God.

Some chapters go into the human search for the Truth and Godspiritual advancement, aspirants, various states of God-realized beings, the Avatar and discipleship.

Isolated subconscious tendencies stored in the implicit ego must come to the explicit side to take part in a conscious process. Each one operates almost separately from the other. Maya does not mean this world and its affairs. Thus he emphasized that a man who reads, in Vedanta literature for instance, that he is God and then says that he is God, is in fact a hypocrite, since he does not have this experience.

This is not an account of his life, but a direct teaching from Baba.

Discourses Discourses7th edition, The organized mental structure of experience eventually takes over the sense of “I” and starts considering itself as the central identity of the individual. For example at the end of the book there is section called ‘The Conditions of Happiness,’ where Meher Baba lays out exactly what a man needs to achieve to be happy. Baba says that gravity is the reflection of love.

Views Read Edit View history. The drive to look for nutrition is love.