Title, El sitio de Leningrado, Memoria Crítica. Author, Michael Jones. Translated by, Joan Trujillo Parra. Publisher, Editorial Crítica, 13 Oct El sitio de Leningrado, by Michael P. Jones, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. de las más brutales, despiadadas e inhumanas tal vez fue el sitio de Leningrado. .. Sencillamente te transporta a Leningrado y te hace espectador de las Leningrad: A State of Siege by Michael Jones is an endearing history about the.

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This non-fiction book tells the story of the siege of Leningrad. Oct 20, Paul rated it really liked it Shelves: Feb 08, Carolyn rated it really liked it.

He does an excellent job of enhancing leningraddo tried-if-true older history written in the s with more recently unearthed stories of the underclasses who suffered worst women, children, elderly, etc.

El sitio de Leningrado, 1941-1944

Jones shows how Stalin’s purge of the Red Army’s best officers and the utter incompetence of Leningrad’s leaders made an awful situation even worse.

Ordinary Men Christopher R. Jones’s book informed me of enough of the military and political context to be able to interpret michwel horrors experienced by the survivors. Bestsellers in European History. There were many examples of self-sacrifice and heroism too.

Leningrad: State of Siege

Some of the stories are fairly horrific with accounts of cannibalism and murder as morals break down with those slowly starving to death. They underestimated our voracious hunger for life.

It provides first hand accounts of the siege by residents of Leningrad who lived through it. Apr 02, Jennifer rated it really liked it. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Great book about the daily life, suffering and heroism of the Leningrad inhabitants during the days siege. Without the courage and sacrifice of the Soviet Citizens and the Red Army, Hitler’s Wehrmact would have concentrated on the Western front and likely invaded England.


Definitely a unique and rarely explored area of history. The first hand accounts are often raw, visceral, resigning, yet the survivors through hope and compassion, persevere. Neither the personal stories of the survivors and the diaries of the death, nor the overall description of the battle are ever more than flat.

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Your Web browser is re enabled for JavaScript. In the years of living hell between andthe citizens of Leningrad had proved it with their optimism, solidarity, the love for life and, above all, courage.

Open Preview See a Problem? Jun 15, Nicholas Grace rated it really liked it. The book seemed to get bogged down in the middle by the sheer number of stories and some repetition of similar stories.

Leningrad: State of Siege by Michael Jones

Michael Jones frankly deals with the horrors of the siege, unlike the official Soviet view for many years, unflinchingly telling of crime and even cannibalism. Nearly one million people died, mostly of starvation in the first winter, when the food ration was grams about 2 slices of bread a day, and even that was adulterated or unavailable! The horrible days siege two and a half years!!

In Leningradmilitary historian Michael Jones chronicles the human story of this epic siege. Viewing the Slavs as sub-human, Hitler embarked on a vicious program of ethnic cleansing. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. The Great Game Peter Hopkirk.

The personal stories relating the horrors of everyday life for people both in Leningrad and on the front lines had a tremendous cumulative effect.

Dec 24, Andrew rated it it was amazing. I bought this book when I was in St Petersburg and started reading it on the train to Moscow, but then put it down and forgot about it for some reason. Jan 09, Jpp rated it really liked it. The first chapter tells the story of the invasion operation Barbarossa from the POV of surviving German soldiers or diaries of fallen ones. The book seemed to get bogged down in the middle by the sheer num Jones has done a large amount of research to write about the suffering of Leningrad’s population during World War II.


Most of the accounts are from Russian civilians caught up in this terrible siege and generally cover the slow starvation of the city and its af This is a decent book covering the World War Two siege of Leningrad. It brings about endless destruction, suffering and death. Linked Data More info about Linked Data. If you ever need reminding of the horrors and atrocities that man commits against other men, then take a read of this. As Soviet Leaders worked to impose their ideology on the people and purge dissenters it led to tragic events.

They knew that that this was not a passing episode but the beginning of something. Madness and Civilization Michel Foucault. Advanced Search Find a Library. It also discusses the German strategy of starving the city and causing epidemics by shelling and bombing water, sanitation facilities and utilities so the city would collapse and the army would not have to fight in the c An excellent and disturbing book about the siege of Leningrad. Infidel Ayaan Hirsi Ali.