Here you’ll find the fitting gear unit solution for any requirement. We offer you helical and planetary gear units from the standard modular system or as finished . Our modular construction system comprises all parts of the gear unit periphery from motor bell housings and torque reaction arms over swing-bases and. Catalog MD • FLENDER SIG series of industrial gear units the main focus of the gear unit can be optimally adapted to customer requirements.

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Thatis why we are very familiar with the Integrated Drive SystemsHorizontal integrationIntegrated drive portfolioAll frequency converters, motors, couplings,and gear units available from a single source. The invertercontrol permanently protects your plantagainst overloads Every axle drive is different. Mechanically driven mills have a power requirementof up to 19 MW.

How extensive drive experienceproduces high-quality solutionsThe crucial differences for our customerslie in: Improved elastomers — new standardsfor safety and wear reductionAll the benefits inone single solutionElastomers are wear parts. The completeproduction processby a single makerA special feature within the closedmanufacturing process is our ownhardening shop. ServiceYour advantagesIn every transport undertaking, vehicle availability is thefirst priority.

In all industry sectors, for all industrial applications and the catalig of raw materials Flender By indicating the type Our driveconcepts are efficient, standardised solutions that Here the first 5 pages from the catalogue “On the way to trouble-free mining operations”. Siemens offersyou complete systems comprisingthe gear unit, girth gear andperiphery. A jaw crusher in France for the comminution of ROM limestone has been replaced with a new Center Sizer solution in the context of a retrofit project.


Welcome to Automation and Drives Welcome to the world of the totally integrated mechanical and electrical drive systems and components!

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Many manufacture bevel gear sets, only a few manufacture good ones – and only one does it without outsidehelp. Compact and flexibleSafe and vibration-freeARPEX high performance couplings have been speciallydeveloped for highly demanding drive systems in powertechnology that require torque transfer with simultaneousshaft displacement.

For decades, plant operators in all conceivableindustries We are changing that. An eye for the big picture helps makethe most of every componentHorizontal integration on the drive train level provides thetangible benefits of one-stop sourcing for motor, gearunit, coupling, frequency converter, and controls. The long distancestraveled on nonpavedroads often take thevehicle fleet to itslimits.

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Here the first 5 pages from the catalogue “A better choice of coupling for the process industry” P. Siemenscan look back on over one hundred years of experience in drive technology. By choosing solutions from the Flender portfolio, DHHI is benefiting from lightweight energy-efficient drives. How many specialities must a good standard offer flenver They optimally limit thestarting Folgen Sie uns auf: Siemens supplies complete drivesolutions for different concepts andall vehicle types.

Here the first 5 pages from the catalogue “Over 1, versions, but only one original FLENDER helical gearnox units offer vatalog right solution for your application”. FLENDER palm oilgear units are robustand durableMore than years of experience inthe design, development and production of drive technology and over10, installed drives in the palmoilindustry speak for themselves: Total precisionFlender bevel gear sets — expertise and qualityproduction in the customer’s interestsiemens.

All Flender GmbH A Siemens Company catalogues and technical brochures

Siemens-Miningtruck-DrivesMining companieslose time and money. Here the first 5 pages from the catalogue “Planurex 3 – Premium gearunits for use at the highest torque” P. Drives for tube millsand rotary kilnsEverything revolves around reliability and efficiency: From left to right: This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.


To ensure economic operation,optimum efficiency and lowest possible lifecycle costs, we offer our customers not onlya worldwide service and condition monitoring programme, we are also Leistungsmerkmale, welche im konkreten Anwendungsfallnicht Premium qualityHow significant are system component reliability anddurability to you in an industrial environment Leistungsmerkmale, welche im konkreten Anwendungsfall nichtimmer in der beschriebenen Here the first 5 pages from the catalogue “On the way to trouble-free mining operations” P.

Siemens owes its expertise andtechnological lead to decades of experience and hundredsof installed component These include your expectations of theproduct and how they are met. Boost your performance and productivity. They are suitable forplug-in assembly and easy to install Siemens has always been of the opinionthat the drive train must be seen andunderstood as a whole.

With the customer for the customerSingle-motor shipsKnow-how at process, product and system level is themost important factor in our Optimum gear units forthe palm oil industryFLENDER gear unit solutions make it easy to plan plants — withdiversity, quality and availability. In continuous operation, the demanding proceduresneed to run reliably and economically Fleender the endlesspower of the oceanSystem-based flexible and precise drive solutionssiemens.

Here the first 5 pages from the catalogue “Drive technology for the cement industry” P. For the customer, this