Johnny, a new short-order cook in a Manhattan diner, goes home with Frankie, a waitress. Johnny does everything he can to turn a one-night stand into the. FRANKIE AND JOHNNY IN THE CLAIR DE LUNE. By Dany Margolies | July 10, PM. Playwright Terrence McNally does “small” with the best of them. 28 Oct WHEN we first meet the title characters of Terrence McNally’s provocative new play, ”Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune,” they are.

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Kenneth Welsh played the part of Johnny in the Stage I production.

Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune – Cape Rep Theatre

When he convinces her to ahd her robe so he can sit on the edge of the rumpled bed and gaze adoringly at her groin, the position and mien he assumes is johnmy schoolboy, part Rodin’s “Thinker. Johnny, buoyant with love, beckons Frankie to join him at the window and to bask However, MacDevitt’s lights shine all too clearly on a production that is not at all well served by the actors performing it.

Advertise About Tips Contact Us. In great physical trim, Tucci gallops on, in and out of Frankie’s convertible bed. Falco comes across as sophisticated and almost refined, an intelligent, thoughtful woman, exactly the opposite of Frankie, while Tucci oozes self-confidence from every pore.

A film adaptation by McNally shortened the title to Frankie and Johnny and was a departure from the play. But Falco is looking pretty good — not as ludicrously lovely as Michelle Pfeiffer did in the movie adaptation, but not so unshapely that, the instant she rises from bed, much of her resistance to Johnny is implicitly understood. He also needs to more fully explain Johnny’s conviction that Frankie, whom he’s only known for a brief time, is definitely the prospective wife for him.


Make no mistake claiir it, Falco and Tucci are immensely talented, their significant stage credentials demonstrated every second they are onstage. No Thanks Sign Up. Who among us has not longed for acceptance, been afraid of facing the future alone, or not wanted all the details of our pasts to become known at inopportune times?

The performers had an extended period of nudity in the first act. Joan Marcus Where McNally goes wrong is in his second act, which remains, as it was when the play was first produced, something of a replay of the first act.

Capitulate, she does, of course. He argues and cajoles: Frankie and Johnny Are Married is a comedy film chronicling the troubles a producer has trying to mount a production of the Terrence McNally play. Set designed by John Lee Beatty. In a season where more frontal nudity is promised cf. Johnny is ready to sing an aria, to dance an endless pas de deux, to buy a znd house.

Negotiations begin, and Johnny is nothing if not a tough clar. Or sign in with a social account: Sunday at 3 PM. Falco provides no sense of wanting or needing anything more, so the reason Johnny persists is not present. Both performers prove equally adept at landing their jokes and putting over their more introspective dramatic moments.

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Her frankke, Stocker’s Kitchenis currently being shopped to editors. When he gets too exuberant, she snarls like a cornered animal. As the night unfolds, they slowly begin to reveal themselves to each other as they take tentative steps towards the possible start of a new relationship. Though the details may be a bit unique, the problems Frankie and Johnny face are of the everyday, unextraordinary variety.

What holds them together in this production is anyone’s guess; the nature of their relationship, particularly in the first act, is never clear here. Still, they are unable to provide the play what Frankie and Johnny themselves need so desperately: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Johnny is certain he has found his soul mate in Frankie. Kathleen Cclair full-frontal exposure surely has something to do with the continuing box office allure of the critically reviled “The Graduate,” and now “Sopranos” star Edie Falco and movie regular Stanley Tucci are causing a bit of a stir.


It is, however, unfortunate that the superb performances Edie Falco and Stanley Tucci give seem to belong in a play other than the one they’re performing.

She likes him well enough to consider a second date, but for the moment she just wants him to leave so that she can have a glass of milk and watch television in peace.

Contains adult situations and some nudity. For more information, call or go to vintagetheatre.

Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune: A Play – Terrence McNally – Google Books

Premier Logo Created with Sketch. Those who saw Kathy Bates in the original production will likely agree with this criticism. Directed by Joe Mantello. How much of a stir? This page was last edited on 28 Juneat Everything Tucci does and says seems entirely spontaneous, and that includes his leaping across the floor with enthusiasm to show Frankie his hernia scar. Frankie and Johnny work at a greasy spoon in New York. Unfortunately for him, failed-actress-now-weary-waitress Frankie Edie Ni is the depressed one.