7 Jul In response to this limitation, the Gotland Scale of Male Depression (GSMD) was developed to identify the extra symptoms of MDD in men. 1 Mar The Gotland Male Depression Scale (GMDS) was developed to identify these atypical or externalising symptoms in depressed males by adding. 10 Oct Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Nov 11, , Bjarni Sigurdsson and others published Validity of Gotland Male Depression Scale for male.

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Gender Matters A Better Instrument for Assessing Male Depression Most patients with symptoms of depression are treated in primary care settings — not by mental health professionals Sharp and Lipsky, This is a normative male, gender-linked loss, a trauma depressin abandonment for boys which scae show itself later as an adult through symptomatic behavior, characterological defense and vulnerability to depression.

In addition, there were 52 The fourth section focused on suicidal ideation and intent and included four questions taken from the Beck Hopelessness Scale as well as two questions that asked directly about suicidal ideation and intent. Characterization of patients with mood disorders for their prevalent temperament and level of hopelessness.

[Full text] Validity and clinical utilization of the Chinese version of the Gotlan | NDT

The selection of questions was based on clinical experience of the author over the past forty years as well as previous research focused on atypical symptoms thought to be more common in males than females Cochran and Rabinowitz, ; Depressiin, ; Lynch and Kilmartin, ; Real, ; Rutz, Is there evidence for a male depressive syndrome in inpatients with major depression?


Send email Copy url: The Gotland Male Depression Scale GMDSdesigned by Zierau et al 10 was developed to better understand depression in men and further prevent suicide according to this syndrome. All three sub-scales were significantly correlated with the traditional CES-D depression scale, indicating that they are, in fact, measuring aspects of depression:. Magovcevic M, Addis ME.

The sixth section asked about possible co-morbidities, including a number of physical illnesses and medications thought to be associated with depression. Different coping skills for managing stress between females and males may explain this result. May be denied by patient. It contained the four gotlnad from the CAGE scale assessing alcohol abuse and one question that asked about the quantity of alcohol consumed.

The study involved a total of men. Abstract Fulltext Metrics Get Permission. Future research should be directed at developing studies to validate the scales and to develop scores for levels of risk for depression.

Polish adaptation of the Gotland Scale of Male Depression (GDMS) by Wolfgang Rutz

After depfession high suicide rate among Swedish men in the s was found by Rutz, 8 the number of male suicides on the Gotland island was almost unaffected by the educational program hotland improving the ability of general practitioners to diagnose and treat depression.

Abnormal loss of all interest and pleasure most of the day, nearly every day, for at least 2 weeks. Among them, inthere were no mental disorders at present and scape the past and serious somatic illnesses. The Diamond Male Depression Scale The Diamond research study was designed to clarify the theoretical constructs related to depression and to see which symptoms are most predictive of depression and suicide risk as well as which symptoms most distinguish depressed men from depressed women.


The Masculine Depression Scale: Can J Behav Sci ; Development and preliminary validation of a scale of psychache.

Published 10 September Volume Psychometric properties of the Gotland Scale for Depression in Italian psychiatric inpatients and its utility in the prediction of suicide risk.

Received 12 May The concept of male depression by W.

Scalle the help of others: The second section presented 51 questions that included atypical symptoms thought to be associated with male-type depression. By accessing the work you hereby accept the Terms. Reliability and validation of a Chinese version of the Aging Males’ Symptoms scale.

The Gotland Male Depression Scale: a validity study in patients with alcohol use disorder.

The full terms of this license are available at https: Most patients with symptoms of depression are treated in primary care settings — not by mental health professionals Sharp and Lipsky, deprdssion Exploratory factor analysis EFA and confirmatory factor analysis CFA indicated that the Polish version of the method ma,e characterized by a one factor structure.

They use response formats that rely on classifying frequency of symptoms or ranking symptom severity. Int Clin Psychopharmacol ; The process was continued until the Chinese version appeared interchangeable with the English version.

They include similar numbers of questions. Therefore, male distress symptoms need to be considered carefully when diagnosing depression in men. Total scores of different ranges depressuon to the following descriptions: