Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives (HAFA) initiative offers eligible borrowers Form , HAFA Request for Approval of Short Sale (RASS). ▫ Must be. o Alternative Request for Approval of Short Sale – Alternative RASS o Deed-in- Lieu Agreement – DIL o Sample Servicer’s HAFA Matrix o Form Uniform. Have you completed the HAFA Clause Checklist by including necessary Are you prepared to send a Request to Approve a Short Sale (RASS) form within 3.

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My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. Forms are expected to be be complicated even for professionals and it is actually part of the program homeowners will have to use a Real Estate Agent.

What is HAFA? – Short Sale Innovations | Short Sale Innovations

Order a field review of the borrower supplied appraisal from an approved PennyMac vendor, if the borrower provided an interior appraisal. Homeowner cannot be within 60 days of foreclosure sale date without Fannie approval.

Foreclosure could be initiated and reasonably expected to result in a foreclosure sale being held within 60 days. Extension must be approved by Fannie. The main highlights of this coffee table topper are as follows: Pacific Time Zone Email: Within 10 business days after the servicer receives the RASS and all required attachments, the servicer must approve or deny the request rasss advise the homeowner with reasons for denial.

Raxs eligible, qualified homeowner must be considered for HAFA before the mortgage is referred to foreclosure. The mortgage loan is secured by a property in Florida on which foreclosure proceedings are pending, judgment has been obtained, or a hearing on summary judgment or trial is scheduled within 60 days.

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Deed-In-Lieu should be considered in all cases where the property does generate an acceptable short sale. PennyMac approval of purchase contract. Upon receiving your package, borrower will be assigned a single point of contact. They will not allow for sale by owners FSBO. The ability to make mortgage payments, but choose not to do so strategic default. The homeowner and the prospective real estate broker may negotiate with the servicer on the terms of the SSA.

About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. The servicer should follow local or state law to time the release of its first mortgage lien after receipt hafw sale proceeds. They may not have any side deals to receive a commission indirectly.

General HAFA questions prior to short sale request: While the first priority is to keep families in their homes, where this is not possible with a loan modification, they may be able to avoid foreclosure by completing a short sale or a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure DIL under Raws. We will order one interior broker price opinion BPO and an appraisal desk review for the reconciled property rss.

Homeowner must be more than 60 days delinquent. Principal Residence may have moved for job, etc. Lenders may not require contributions from either the real estate agent or homeowner as a condition for releasing its lien and releasing the homeowner from personal liability. Mortgage must be delinquent or default must be reasonably foreseeable.

Servicers must not consider a homeowner who requests the HAFA program, or solicit a homeowner who is unable to retain their home with the help of a HAMP loan modification, without prior written consent by Fannie if: Anyone say Lawyer time?

A broker or agent may only earn a commission, on either the buy or sell side, if the represented party is unrelated and unaffiliated.


What are the required clauses for the listing agreement?

HAFA Matrix

Treasury GSE The SSA must give the homeowner an initial period of days to sell the house extensions by servicer permitted up to a total of 12 months, if agreed to by the homeowner. A real estate professional may not list or purchase the property using his or her brokerage.

Same as Treasury, except closing must be no later than 60 days after the contract execution or approval, whichever occurs later. If there is no purchase offer at the listing price after 60 days, borrower should consider deed-in-lieu of foreclosure.

New rules announced on March 12th the homeowner can not be pursued rorm a deficiency. What forms are used to participate in the program?

HAFA Video: In action but what does it mean to your and your homeowners.

Incentive to Pay Jr. We are not saying rasd thing or another more than just we are going to be very cynical before we claim that this is going to be a great program.

Implementation Guidelines stated the period starts Published by Kobe Blish Modified over 3 years ago. Centralized Servicing Center — 62 Order an interior appraisal fform an approved PennyMac vendor, if the borrower provided any other supporting documentation other than a full interior appraisal.

PennyMac issues a welcome package via 2-day FedEx ore-mail. A real estate property valuation, such as BPO or appraisal, conducted within the haaf 6 months. Fannie Mae, no time frame 53