ICEA S-95-658 PDF

Single- or multiconductor – V – 90ºC – ICEA S Halogen-free (LSZH- HFFR). MH. Applications. Recommended for use in highly populated enclosed. ANSI/NEMA WC ICEA S Power Cables Rated Volts or Less for the Distribution of Electrical Energy Published by National. ANSINEMAWC70ICEANonshielded Power Cables Rated Volts or Less for the Distribution of Electrical Energy-Applies to materials, constructions.

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The icfa of the armor wires shall be as given in Tablebut the tensile safety factor shall be not less than five. Size of conductor — If conditions require other than standard stranding, a complete description should be given.

The length of all specimens prepared for each specific test shall be equal. Their use is recommended also for resonant grounded systems.

Power Cables Rated 2, V or Less for the Distribution of Electrical Energy – NEMA

The specimens shall then be removed from the oil, blotted lightly to remove excess oil, and preconditioned under the following conditions prior to icew for tensile strength and elongation: For zinc coated steel tape, the specified nominal thickness and tolerance shall apply to the stripped bare metal. Flexible conductors are referenced in 2.

The test specimens shall be molded from material taken from the completed cable. If the required tensile safety factor is not maintained, the next larger size wire given in the table should be used.

Maximum allowable overall diameter. S-95-568 tests on both the aged and unaged specimens shall be made at approximately the same time. A volume resistivity of The metal shield shall be applied in such a manner that electrical continuity or contiguity will not be distorted or disrupted during normal installation bending see Appendix F.

For example, a low voltage buzzer or light circuit or dc resistance method may be used. Except for the direct current spark test and the alternating current spark test, the voltage shall be applied between the conductor or conductors and the metallic sheath, metallic armor, or water. Three test specimens shall be tested and the average of the results reported.

This requirement may be reduced to 30 minutes for insulation Classes X and T. For Flexible Aluminum Conductors consult manufacturer. If the thickness or the diameter of an insulation or of a jacket of any reel is found to be less than the specified limits, that reel shall be considered as not conforming to this standard, and the measurement in question shall be made on each of the remaining reels.


When the direction of lay is reversed, the beginning and end of area reversal shall be defined on either side by the last convolution that does not exceed the maximum lay requirement on either side of the reversed area. In the case of wire and cable size 6 AWG and larger, or in the case of wire and cable smaller than size x-95-658 AWG having an insulation thickness s-95-6558 than 90 mils 2.

If two servings are used, they shall be closely wound and applied with opposite directions of lay, with each run through hot asphalt or tar compound, or equivalent saturant.

Specimens for aging tests having cable tape applied prior to curing shall be aged with the tape removed. The pitch ratio limits shall be in accordance with Table To reduce the hazard of shock it is recommended that the shield be ucea at cable terminations and at splices and taps. Jute or equivalent covering may be added where the conditions of transportation require protection for the galvanizing on the armor wires. Otherwise, the steel strip except stainless shall be zinc-coated.

Power Cables Rated 2,000 V or Less for the Distribution of Electrical Energy

In the case of wire and cable smaller than size 6 AWG having a specified insulation thickness less than or equal to 90 mils 2. Aluminum Class B, C, D These tests consist of voltage tests on each length of completed cable.

Column B thicknesses apply to multi-conductor cables with an outer covering and to single-conductor cables with an outer covering. The cable shall withstand, without failure, the test voltages given in Table throughas applicable. Increase in capacitance, max. An electrode capable of maintaining contact, throughout its length, with the entire exposed surface of every cable in the assembly.

Division I See 4. The average of the results of these tests is to be reported for the lot. The corrugations shall be at right angles to the axis of the cable and shall coincide exactly at the iccea.

The weight to be applied shall be equal to 10 lb 4. The water shall be maintained at ground potential. After the specified voltage is applied, the entire length of cable shall be passed through the electrode in a manner and at a speed such that every section of cable surface will have maintained electrode contact for not less than 18 positive and negative voltage crests.


The elongation shall be the permanent increase in length of a marked section of the wire originally 10 inches mm in length and shall be determined after the specimen has fractured. This Standard does not require any specific frequencies for sampling for test of cable products or components.

The messenger shall extend a minimum of 5 feet 1. Recommended minimum bending radii are given in Appendix F. The bands shall be applied sufficiently s9-5-658 to prevent their movement along the cable as a result of handling the iea during installation.

Each length of insulated conductor containing repairs or joints icfa meet the electrical requirements of Tables and as applicable. Drain wires shall be positioned adjacent to the metal tape so as to maintain effective grounding contact and shall be considered an integral part of the shield. Rated circuit voltage, phase to phase.

Tensile strength, tensile stress, and ultimate elongation Permanent set Accelerated aging tests: Resistance will be determined in accordance with 2. One specimen from each sample shall be tested, except that the total number of specimens tested shall not be less than three. The dc resistance shall be determined in accordance with 2. You can download and open this file to your own computer but DRM prevents opening this file on another computer, including a networked server.

For nominal widths greater than 1. The intervals need not be uniform. Column A thicknesses shall apply to single-conductor power cables and multiple conductors without an overall jacket for general application which employ a sunlightresistant, carbon-black pigmented Insulation without further covering.

The wire shall have a minimum weight of coating per square foot of uncoated wire surface in accordance with Table