Womanliness as a masquerade: Joan Rivière. by Julia Evans on January 1, Published: 1) International Journal of Psycho-Analysis, , Vol 9. Joan Hodgson Riviere (28 June – 20 May ) was a British psychoanalyst, who was In she published “Womanliness as a Masquerade” in which she looks at an area of sexual development of intellectual women in particular. Documents Similar To Riviere, Joan. Womanliness as Masquerade, International Journal of Psychoanalysis, Vol. 10, , Müller-Braunchweig.

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Government wwomanliness guarantor of Practice within Mental Health 44 Practitioners captured by regulators She was married in Such patients were characterised in his view by ‘what may be called a “moral” facto, a sense of guilt, which is finding its satisfaction in the illness and refuses to give up the punishment of suffering. She demonstrates with convincing clinical material a fraudulent femininity in a certain type of woman, not overtly homosexual, but not fully heterosexual. The idea of an organised system of defence has commanded the interest of succeeding analysts.

I spoke to you about it in connection with the discussion concerning the phallic woman or phase and the phallic function in feminine sexuality. This was particularly the case as they pertained to the topics of oral sadism, projection, and introjection in infancy.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Melanie Klein Trust Home Klein’s life: The correspondence between Freud and Jones concerning Riviere and her analysis with Freud in also throws light on her experiences and on her personality that are similar to those of the “patient” she describes in “Womanliness as a masquerade.


Her paper on “On the Genesis of Psychical Conflict in Early Infancy” has been described as ‘the clearest and most beautifully expressed outline aomanliness Kleinian theory as it was at that time’. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Her attitude to sexual intercourse before marriage was a set deteixoination to obtain and experience the enjoyment and pleasure which she knew some women have in it, and the orgasm. These emotional difficulties led her to psychoanalysis with Ernest Jones in A Life for our Time London p.

Joan Riviere and the masquerade.

maasquerade When she returned to London, Riviere became actively involved in the work of the British Psychoanalytical Society. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Riviere told Herbert Rosenfeld that she resented the fact that Freud thought of her as a translator rather than as a patient.

She makes an original contribution here in understanding and demonstrating that it is oral envy that leads riiviere morbidly jealous woman to search for unattainable love and to feel deprived. Reflecting on the arts A highly cultured woman, Riviere was interested in literature, arts and the theatre.

Through her innovative writings and teachings she originated many themes in psychoanalytical thought that continue to be explored today. Her account of “womanliness” as a masquerade was taken up by Lacan as part of his exploration of The Imaginary and The Symbolic: Key publications Riviere, J.


Joan Riviere – Wikipedia

International Journal of Psychoanalysis. In jlan there is a letter from Freud to Riviere that gives further evidence that she is writing about herself in this paper. Retrieved from ” https: In the same year she managed put Klein’s theories in the context of Freud’s work in “The Genesis of Psychical Conflict in Earliest Infancy,” delivered in Vienna in honour of Freud’s 80th birthday.

Joan Riviere as translator between Freud and Jones”. It is not at all a question of bringing into play a notion which was not within her range? Views Read Edit View history. Published by Macmillan [ii]:.

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The Letter A discussion list around Freudian and Lacanian texts and related events. A highly cultured woman, Riviere was interested in literature, arts and the theatre. However, he does not seem to see that the paper is exclusively about a certain group of women, neither clearly homosexual nor clearly heterosexual, in whom femininity is a masquerade. The Archives of the British Psychoanalytical Society have granted us kind permission to reproduce the photo above.