The following warming-up exercises or junbi undo are preparation exercises, see also Part 1 for additional exercises (1 through 3) and for ways. JUNBI-UNDO. (PRELIMINARY EXERCISES). Ashi saki o ageru undo (Heel pivots) – Hands on hips, heels together, toes apart, lift ball of right foot off floor & pivot. Junbi undo translates into “Preliminary Exercise”. It’s the exercises that refer to those that should be carried out at the start of a lesson in order to.

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Spread the toes as widely as possible and try to make as much surface contact with the ground as you can. Therefore, these exercises are aerobic in nature, however, they are not done to tire out and fatigue the student at this stage.

However what he did instead stands as a true testament to our system. His wealth and his character made him quite a nobleman in Okinawan society. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Comment Name Email Website. Toward the end of the kataa degree turn is performed bringing the karateka into musubi dachi V-shaped stance before dropping immediately into koshi dachi squatting stance—standing on the balls of the feet.

First, each individual part of the body is exercised systematically. The big toe up position is the same posture made with the foot when kicking yoko geri side kick. The jars are gripped around a lipped rim.

The stretch has moved now from the lower leg to the upper leg and with the lower center of gravity now undk, the feeling of transferring your weight increases; doing the exercise correctly strengthens the legs.

The fibers of the muscles work better when prepared; so remember, you shock them into activity at your peril.


Dean October 14, Warming up the tendons and uundo muscles of the leg, the first posture on the balls of the feet is also the foot position found in a karate front kick mae geri. Nigiri game gripping jars are ceramic jars filled with sand to different weights. Although sometimes seen as basic techniques in the martial art, however, it normally refers to the training equipment which the Okinawans developed to condition and strengthen the body.

Views Read Edit View history. There jumbi two types of makiwara: History of Karate by M.

About Junbi Undo—Part 1 |

These exercises are intended to not only warm up the body, making it ready for training, but also to engage the particular muscles and tendons used in the various techniques of karate. Hold for at least ten seconds. Always perform ujdo actions slowly and methodically, and take care of your body. To determine this, we must first look at what Junbi Undo is. Nagai Chiishi — this is similar to the Chiishi ujdo the concrete weight is on the end of a Bo.

Junbi-Undo 8 —Lean onto the right leg and jjnbi the left leg stretched junnbi, with the foot and toes flat on the ground Figure A.

This is the final stage of Junbi Undo which prepares the body for the range and type of movements that is going unxo occur in the lesson. I will stretch my toes, move my knees, jinbi my legs, hips and shiko dachi, working in an upwards fashion.

The practitioner strongly grips to the end of the wooden pole opposite the concrete weightand moves his or her wrist and arms in motions used in techniques normally used in kata or against opponents. But with so many instructors going professional with Karate and with the internet allowing easy access to many other methods of training that can cloud the path, is Junbi Undo slowly starting to disintegrate?


Once the body has been warmed up and prepared then stretching can commence. This exercise increases your awareness of the toes and improves the overall dexterity of the big toe, a weapon so often left out of the karate arsenal, and yet, one that can have a mind-numbing effect when applied correctly as described in the previous exercise.

Our big toe also provides us with the ability to balance properly and our understanding of its relationship with the ground is vital for our stability. As for methods from this point, as I mentioned there are many different ones from many senior instructors around the world. At this point, be sure the toes, especially the big toe, stay firmly on jubni ground, gripping the floor.

About Junbi Undo—Part 2

Springing off the floor with the ankles, shoot the knees, alternately, into the open hands in a steady and rhythmical way making as much impact with the palm of the hand as possible. On February 7, Toll Free or The mind as well, familiar with the limits of the body, is calm and more able to achieve that relaxed state of concentration needed to deal successfully with conflict.

While all hell may be going on around us, we strive to remain calm inside. Twist the heel inward toward the standing leg Figure Dbut do not allow the toes to lose their grip; hold for four or five seconds before releasing the tension.

Junbi-Undo 2 —Keeping the armpits closed tightly, hold the arms out in front of the body with the palms of the hands open and firm.