1 Topographic Surface Anatomy. STUDY AIMS. At the end of your study, you should be able to: Identify the key landmarks. App is with the following features: Images as wallpaper.. Set the mantra as Alarm as well as ringtone. as well as English full mantra Lyrics with. Kanda Sashti Kavasam (Tamil: கந்த சஷ்டி கவசம்) is a song composed in Tamil by Devaraya Swamigal. This app gives you a divine experience.

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He whose form is strong and dazzling, praise be to Thee! The webmasters of Kaumaram. Muruha, you sever the cords of Samsaric birth! The devotee will enjoy every good fortune under the sun. Skanda Cult in India: People without children will enjoy fertility.

He is also known as Vela and Kumara. Your silken sash and girdle encircle your full waist, with a nine-gemmed diadem adorning your silken robes. They may have hidden meaning, which this translator is not aware of. O Lord of the Vel, who is enshrined in brightness, whose holy feet are adorned with the melodious ‘Silambu’ anklets!

As a warrior going to battle puts on armour to protect himself, so Kanda Sasti Kavacam helps one to be safe in day-to-day life. With the hands that killed Soorapathman, you have graced the twenty-seven Devas by granting them the gift of Divine Honey.

I searched and longed for You from Tiruvavinankudi, that I kavazam, with love, use this vibuthi which is your kqvasam.

Hallowed be He who has the cockrel as emblem on his flag! O Lord of Kathirgamam, weilder of the brilliant Vel! As a warrior going to battle puts on armour to protect himself, the Kanda Sasti Kavacam also helps one to be safe in day-to-day life.


It is certain that by regular chanting of this kavacam all the predicaments of life are resolved. The devotee who reads it will enjoy every good fortune under the sun. Protect the neck – O sweet Vel! He who conquered Idumba, Praise be to Thee! The Navagrahangal astrological kavasm will be pleased and confer blessings. Hallowed be He with Valli!

Protect the two eyes – O shining Vel! Muni is an evil spirit in Tamil Nadu. May Ida, Puriggala, and Sushumna nerve currents be protected by the victorious Vel! Devils would not dare approach these devotees of the Lord.

Protect the two forearms – O strong Vel!

Kanda Sashti Kavasam in Tamil – Hindusphere

So please protect me with love, give me food and wealth, Oh Velayudha slowly and gracefully. Protect the shoulders – O sharp Vel! Each of them will have story of origin attached to them. Ramachander for this contribution. Protection amarar idar theera amaram purintha kumaranadi nenjeh kuri.

Lord Muruga embodies the form of these six letters. This Skanda Sashti Kavacham, Which has been composed, By the young Deva Rayan, And meditate on that god with concentration, And wear the sacred ash, Will get the great blessings, Of all the devas from all eight directions, And the guardians of the eight directions.

Protect the organs of reproduction and excretion – O good and kqnda Vel! This website is a dedication of Love for Lord Murugan. May these flee in fear on sight of me! Tamil in Roman letters.

Kanda Sashti Kavasam in Tamil – Hindusphere – PDF Drive

Hallowed be He who dwells in hilly abodes! Protect the two hands – O Vel of mercy!


Supreme Deity or Divine Rascal? Please take note that Kaumaram. He is supposed to have defeated two asuras called Idumba and Kadamba and made them his devotees. Your beautiful legs and ankletted feet produce a harmonious blend of melodious notes most pleasing to the ear. Prosperity and plenty will abound. Hallowed be the sharp Vel in His hands!

Peace will prevail at home. Throw your merciful glance towards me and may your look destroy all my sins! May Vachiravel protect me each day and night, everyday!

It also indicates a sage in a different context. Protect the sixteen rib bones – O youthful Vel!

Protect me, O Lord, from the attacks of tigers, foxes, wolves, rats, and bears! Salutations are offered to the brave Lord of Saravana Poykai, who is approaching on His vahana, the peacock. Whoever fasts for these six days of Skanda Sashti and prays to Lord Muruga steadfastly, it is said that they would get the blessings of Lord Muruga.

And may the Hridaya Kamalam the ten-petalled lotus of the heart; the Jivatma’s abode be protected by the benevolent Vel! When I adorned with love, my forehead with your sacred ash, The ropes attaching me to the fate were untied, And I reached your feet to attain your grace.