“Brilliantly written. An inspired thriller. His finest work.” —The Washington Post “A masterpiece of terror.” —Los Angeles Times“Completely plotted, thickly. Koko. Peter Straub, Author Dutton Books $ (0p) ISBN a playing card with “Koko” scrawled on it, was also a member of the platoon. Koko, released in , was Peter Straub’s first solo novel since ‘s collaboration with Stephen King, The Talisman. Straub had been a.

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KOKO By Peter Straub |

To me, that was horror. But, I have never tried to read the next book in the series because I was satisfied with this novel entry.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It was like reading two books into one and I was captivated by this.

Koko by Peter Straub

Beevers peteg many fliers around town, each of them displaying a coded message only understandable by Koko, telling him to meet Beevers at a park in the center of town a few days later.

My friend, evidently, was in no hurry to rejoin the domestic scene. Apr strqub, shan Littlebookcove rated it it was amazing. I suspected those chapters were leading someplace; they weren’t, and while I’m happy that they didn’t lead where I expected them to go, I might have wanted them to lead someplace.

If there are, they’re probably on a government watch list somewhere where they belong. The book is about applying this thought to life.

Pages to import images to Wikidata. Dengler, a philosophical and thoughtful man from a small town. It stayed with me. Only later did I come peetr discover how disturbing an omen this was. This seems to do the trick for him, and strajb this point forward he seems to be a novelist with purpose. I do give Peter Straub credit, though, it’s a more cerebral disturbing than most horror writers get, and in a better way than any “extreme horror” writers have ever been able to capture.

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This gains Maggie the few precious seconds she needs to escape, and she runs off.

You spend a lot of time in the heads of Conor, Tina, and Michael, and after spending some time, I got to know them a little better. I realized at some point that I was the cat peyer this cat-and-mouse game with Straub continually pull the rug out from under me.

KOKO By Peter Straub

If you are looking for a serious book that delves into many issues and a mystery that will totally captivate you, this is that book. He has a great deal to teach me, but I believe in the Shakespearean setup of a story, by presenting the crisis and working it through in a modern style of not taking ten pages that can be expressed in two or strraub.

It is a work with multiple layers of meaning and symbolism pefer I think Straub intended Koko to be. Now I am not being competitive. Cronenberg is a maybe. I intend to insult neither author; it’s not an apples-to-oranges comparison, it’s an apples-to-peppers comparison. It’s an insult to Peter Straub to even intimate the comparison, and it sounds like an insult to King to peyer that the comparison is an insult to Straub.

The five get together and deduce that the murderer is, in fact, Victor Spitalny, having seen such horrors in the war that he has snapped and gone on a murderous rampage.

I know I tried to read this book The book has something to say and says it well, and I’m surprised it’s not brought up in more reviews of contemporary war novels, the way, say, The Things They Carried is deservedly. Harry is a joke, through and through. Their trip back to their youth does indeed give them clarity and insight in ooko they strraub might be doing.

Straub had been a bestselling author in his own right before The Talismanbut the team-up with King brought with it a new level of public interest and scrutiny. Nobody seems to be terribly certain; or if they are, Straub doesn’t allow them to express it to us; or if he does, I missed it, but if I missed it then so did Bill Sheehan, and I don’t think we did.


Claire Carton June 21, at 5: He tells his story of these veterans lovingly and with incredible pathos. Ghost Story becomes Straub’s first bestseller. Were it not for the narrative and the insight into characters’ heads, Koko could almost be written in the style of a nonfiction true-crime narrative, one of the ones that sticks more on the account side rather than the sensational side of things. Peter Straub in one of the interviews said that Koko was his best writing experience, where he entered a flow state in which he was with his characters and discovered that he wrote whole pages without thinking about writing them.

Another thought, and this might be pretty out there, is about the constant thread of the novel The Ambassadors. Underhill narrates the end of the story, and imagines Koko’s first few days in Honduras and the constant anxiety that would come with them. Booted along by invisible fears and horrors, this fellow was rewarded by wonderful grades and a vague sense of a mysterious but transcendent wholeness available through expression.

They do not trust the father, George Spitalny, and Maggie develops a hatred towards him.

It doesn’t stop there, the purposeful obscurity. In other words, he had time to formulate proper, considered answers. Murphy scolds the group for not telling the police of their findings before letting strwub go.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not sure it worked, but it’s honest if nothing else. The reason I gave four stars rather five is the author seems to go off on a tangent every now and then.