Pimsleur Chinese (Cantonese) Level 1 Lessons Learn to Speak and. Try ESL English for Cantonese Chinese Speakers. The Pimsleur Method provides everything English for Cantonese Chinese Speakers need to learn English as. Browse all of Pimsleur’s English for Cantonese Chinese Speakers language programs. All English for Cantonese Chinese Speakers (ESL) products combine .

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It’s not wrong to use either. Pimsleur Chinese Cantonese Level 1. We hope you’ll join us.

Discover how to learn English with the Pimsleur Method.

And we’re friendly about it too. The Principle of Anticipation In the nanosecond between a cue and your response, your brain has to work to come up with the right word. Like millions before you, discover the power of the scientifically sequenced and portable Pimsleur Method. On a different topic.

All Chinese (Cantonese) Language Products – The Pimsleur Method

By signing up, I agree to receive promotional email messages from Pimsleur. Mandarin is my dominant second language so sometimes I answer Japanese questions in mandarin automatically by accident.


Your Cart items Cart total. Learn English today with Pimsleur. Pimsleur took me 6 months to complete and I still cannot talk to save my life!

I really think highly of the Pimsleur courses as an introduction to a language. Try a Free Lesson. We integrate grammar, vocabulary, rhythm, melody, and intonation into every lesson, which allows you to experience the language as a living, expressive form of human culture.

Cantoneze forum is powered by Phorum. Anyone else tried concurrent multiple pimsleur learning? I think the N was used decades ago, and they failed to update their material. Pimsleur Cantonese 1 script September 24, See FAQs for terms. One hour of recorded Notes are included at the end of Lesson Like millions before you, discover the power of the scientifically sequenced and portable Pimsleur Method.

Let me know if anyone else has had the same problem. Anyways, I was trying to say Pimsleur isn’t for learning vocab, but for building a solid foundation in a language. It’s going to be difficult to learn Cantonese then as Pimsleur is one of the most extensive courses there is, unless there are some that I don’t know about.

Group 17 Copy Created with Sketch. People may speak bad English to me, but I never recall laughing at one.


Expand your menu, increase your scheduling abilities from general to specific, start to deal with currency and pimsleeur money, refine your conversations and add over a hundred new vocabulary items.

I think their system is good. Call us with questions FAQ about Pimsleur. Pimsleur Cantonese 1 script Posted by fingerbang. Buy 5 Lessons at a Time. I don’t speak with heavy Ns, but my boss speaks with very noticeable Ns. How about if I help fill in the blanks? Note that this sentence has no verb. I certainly get food and beer. Use With our free app.

Maybe we should do a wiki style project! Pimsleur English for Cantonese Chinese Speakers is available as: Every scene in every Pimsleur lesson pisleur set inside a conversation between two people.

But they seem to convey a slightly different meaning: I understand I can unsubscribe later from any emails received. Learn the basics of the Cantonese Chinese language.