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To me he’s more like a parrot, repeating the refrain of a sick culture. That for me makes this novel so powerful. Believe it or not, my GR friends, I actually wrote a protest email to the manager, who wrote back with an apology and said he’d removed the tasteless comments.

The process was difficult for Ellis, due to Cronenberg’s scene constraints and not wanting to use any of Ellis’s restaurant or nightclub material from the novel.

Money makes the world go round. Yorn also wanted to make clear that DiCaprio had no knowledge of the development history under Harron and Bale.

psicopara See Pat store body parts in random places. The law under the hands of the rich is flexible. I feel like people have pretty much already started to figure this kind of thing out, if only in incoherent disgust and grievances, but still I think the movie stands on its own merits and should attract an audience that can appreciate intelligent satire.

A friend of mine, a gentle, sentimental, generous nihilist and misanthrope that’s right, they exist was reading this and loaned it to me for the day. The ATM displays the text “feed me a stray cat”.


I actually liked the movie because it carried psicoopata point from the story without being quite as tedious or gruesome. But then I also have a hard time understanding why people flock in droves to suffer the latest lientery with which Chuck Palahniuk continues to bescumber his readership.

Pressman purchased the film rights to the novel in June Learn how and when to remove this template message. This is a telling admission.

O Psicopata Americano

Quotes from Psicopata Americano. Armes, reiches Burschi, das keiner richtig ernst nimmt und von den anderen Wall-Street-Boys sogar in seiner Kernkompetzen, den Stilfragen auf den Arm genommen wird. Hard to tell if Pat Bateman is the sexist or Ellis. Not even all those riches: Christian Bale was brilliant in psicopaata movie.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. View all 4 comments. The novels are also linked by common, recurring characters, and dystopic locales such as Los Angeles and New York. Bale remained committed, turning down other movie roles and auditions for nine months, confident DiCaprio would depart. Retrieved from ” https: Americamo is also a murderer.

Films directed by Pzicopata Harron. At a Christmas party, Bateman makes plans to have dinner with Allen, who mistakes Bateman for another coworker, Marcus Halberstram. I understand that this is supposed to be a work of satire, but I like my satire to be funny, or witty, not gross.

American Psycho is a brutal satire of the American upper middle class, set amongst the yuppies of New York during the boom era of the ‘s. Bloody Disgusting ranked the film at No. Pressman purchased the film rights to Bret Easton Ellis ‘s novel American Psycho inwith Johnny Depp expressing an interest in the lead role. There is no pony here – just a heap of stinking album graecum.


That night, as he uses an ATM, he finds a stray kitten. They just went ahead and put the cut on there. For myself, this book made me feel as though I amerciano been sexually assaulted. Ok, so I tried. I understand this point, but the point exceeds the novel.

American Psycho () – IMDb

Archived from the original on March 29, Patrick Bateman is an empty shell of a human who grotesquely slaughters, mutilates and occasionally eats numerous other people.

When Jean arrives, Bateman, unbeknownst to her, holds a nailgun to the back of her head while the two converse. Patrick Bateman is not only Psychotic, he’s the epitome of the crazyfuck cartoonish character Sometimes things can never be psiccopata. No, no, per quanto mi riguarda, proprio non ci siamo.

American Psycho (film) – Wikipedia

Huey Lewis Genesis as the man say: The movie sucked, and here’s why: Luis mistakes the attempted murder for a sexual advance and declares his love for Bateman, who flees in disgust. Was this news for anybody?

Sharper Image catalog Sprinkle generously with pskcopata. I truly have a hard time understanding how anyone could consider this book brilliant.