, \li setOrientation() tells QPrinter which page orientation to use. , \li setPaperSize() tells QPrinter what paper size to expect from the. , printer. On Windows or Mac OS X, QPrinter uses the built-in printer drivers. On X11, QPrinter generates postscript and sends that to lpr, lp, or another printProgram(). 30 Apr In the docs you’ll find QPrinter::printerState. So you can definitely do: if (printer. printerState() == QPrinter::Error) // do some error handling. I admit that’s not a lot.

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Returns the PDF version for this printer. Returns the name of the output file. If you want to abort the print job, abort will try its best to stop printing. After the print setup dialog qprihter been opened, this function returns the value selected by the user. On most systems this function will return true.

To detect other failures check the output of QPainter:: Qprjnter does not take ownership of the engines, so you need to manage these engine instances yourself. The values will be either a value that matches an entry in the QPrinter:: It basically presets a certain resolution and working mode. Sets the printer to use option to select the printer.


The QPrinter class is a paint device that paints on a printer. The unit of the margins are specified with the unit parameter. In this case, the origin of the QPrinter ‘s coordinate system coincides with the top-left corner of the printable area. QPrinter will generate its output as a searchable PDF file.

Returns the number of the last page in a range of pages to be printed the “to page” setting. This enum type not to be confused with Orientation is used to specify each page’s orientation.

Qt Documentation

The OutputFormat enum is used to describe the format QPrinter should use for printing. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. This function is only applicable to the X11 version of Qt. See QAbstractPrintDialog ‘s documentation for more details. Any other value implies that the given value should be used. This is useful qpprinter if the print command has been explicitly set. A8 12 52 x 74 mm QPrinter:: B6 qprintter x mm QPrinter:: On X11, the document name is for example used as the default output filename in QPrintDialog.


qt – Error Handling in QPrinter – Stack Overflow

This function must be called before QPainter:: Calling newPage on an inactive QPrinter object will always fail. On most systems this function will return true. See also printerName and isValid.

B5 1 x mm, 7. If you can produce this format qprinetr, for example macOS can generate PDF’s from its print engine, set the output format back to NativeFormat.

QPrinter Class | Qt

AllPages 0 All pages should be printed. Any other value implies that the given value should be used.

Returns the page’s rectangle in unit ; this is usually smaller than the paperRect since the page normally has margins between its borders and the paper. This can change qpinter value of outputFormat. I admit that’s not a lot work with, as there are only 4 QPrinter:: The default page order is FirstPageFirst.