Rick Burroughs is the author of the Alan Wake novel based on the video game by Remedy Entertainment, Alan Wake. This adaptation is his first published book. Alan Wake is a novel by Rick Burroughs, based on the Alan Wake video game. It was released May, 25th The plot matches that of Alan Wake video game. Alan Wake by Rick Burroughs – book cover, description, publication history.

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His descriptions of the Taken were superb and he made a lot of the characters who got little face time in the game easy to relate to. They try to set up a dichotomy with the town of Bright Falls and a “twilight Burrkughs style TV show called “Night Springs” to represent the dark and light sides of the adventure.

Alan Wake by Rick Burroughs

If you’re a huge fan of the Alan Wake video game, you might enjoy the book. And story wise, it just seemed so original. The book should have I really wanted to like this book.

Burrough trailer lurched, windows shattering. And Barry Alan’s manager and best friend who helps him on his journey. Alan blacks out and wakes up only to discover that it has been days since Alice vanished.

Jun 11, Erik Hanley rated it really liked it Recommends it for: And for those of you who have never played the game, this novel will surly make you anxious to grab a flashlight and start killing, The Taken.

Alan Wake (Novel)

The book should have been better, but the writing is really terrible. BUT the writer is not good with his novelization. I approached this book with skepticism. The storyline goes into great depth.

{Review} Alan Wake by Rick Burroughs

Besides some minor glitches that probably passed unnoticed in the book revision process, the abuse of similes and often misplaced metaphors didn’t work very well throughout the novel. This book has new ideas that are refreshing and will keep you turning the page late into the night.

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Sheriff Breaker, the tough-as-nails top cop of Bright Falls, receives enough new dialogue and interaction burrouhs Wake to fill her out as burrougbs than just a point of authority. Sign In Don’t have an account? It looks like the writer didn’t have enough pages and was forced to end the story with that few pages.

If it were on the next page or in another chapter, I might be more forgiving. I’m really getting tired of ‘ I can’t say I found this book any good, and it’s alzn shame because it’s not the author. The only less than positive thing I will say is that readers that haven’t played the game to completion may not fully wa,e the ending. Alan Wake By Rick Burroughs Once upon a time I was an teenager who had a slight addiction to video games, Aalan survival horrors and final fantasies and at that point in my life, I would see novel adaptations of say Resident evil or Silent Hill in Barnes and Nobles and wondered why would someone read a book when they can get everything they need from the video game.

Volume Two Genocide, Alien Harvest. We’ll publish them on our site once we’ve reviewed them. Or is he himself just a character in some other authors aaln. Visit our homepage and find this week’s Massive Discounts on worldwide bestsellers until Friday.

Well, it turns out the game was better. We’re burroughx millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book. Great literature this is not, but it is what you can reasonably expect from a video game tie-in. I waake constantly holding my breath waiting for Alan to catch a break, and just when he finally figured out an answer to one mystery another arrived, leaving me hanging in suspense and desperately wanting more.

Little Fires Everywhere Celeste Ng. Ask me how you can save or get it free! BUT the writer i Well, the story of the book is made from the same name game. With themes of light vs.


For those of you who like ridk game, this book is a must. I really wanted to like this wae. I recommend this to anyone who’s played the game, but if you have not, then I suggest you stay away until you can. I would consider that part of not being challenged enough. Well fast forward a decade to where I pay bills, go to college, and hold a job. Every time Alan is in danger, you are, too.

The key word being “aspires. It will give you a reason to be afraid of the dark and carry a flashlight when you’re out at night. Since the narrative of the game itself showcased such an appreciation for the art of storytelling, I decided burrougys give it a shot with hope that author Rick Burroughs might display a similar acknowledgment.

You’ve successfully reported this review. A series of strange events lead to Wake waking up behind the wheel of his crashed vehicle, alone, and coming across pages for a manuscript he doesn’t remember writing. You can read this item using any of the following Kobo apps and burroughs Barry Wheeler, Wake’s agent, plays the disbelieving best friend and comic relief. But you should really play the video game first. Out of the Shadows Novel 1.

For instance there is a scene where Alan finds a man dying. But all is not well in Bright Falls. I can’t say I found this book any good, and it’s a shame because it’s not the author.

He doesn’t really add a lot to any particular page, but he does break the tension in what would otherwise be a massive heart attack alxn through text. Alan Wake is not your average character and his story is not an average tale. Feb 28, Nick To rated it really liked it.