Face Lifting by Exercise Senta Maria Runge – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. Senta Maria Runge, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Joyce Lee and Joyce Eve Lee Cosmetics, Inc., a Corporation,defendants-appellants, F.2d (9th Cir. ) case. Author of Face Lifting by Exercise Senta Maria Runge originator of facial exercises, has devoted almost 30 years to develop facial exercises, introduced by.

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In this position now move the pencil line over your chin bone as you have practiced before. A facial muscle – when tired – will not ache By moving the laugh line nose-mouth line upward, we cause lines, as all four of the upper cheek muscles are attached to the skin in the laugh line.

Another said my eyes were so bright. Now release and remove resis- tance. Please do everything mzria and gently without using any force.

The scar from the incision on the upper eyelids is usually so placed, that it falls almost undetectable in a natural fold in this area. Bohlin Cal. But I regret to say that I have also seen young girls with perfect, youthful, firm contours, yet, with creases in their skin put there from unconscious, habitual muscular movements.

You will find it is easier to expand a muscle in one quick movement, than in several slow movements.

The correction is being made by reversing the muscular movements. Be sure you keep your shoulders and feet flat on bed and that only the head moves. Sitting position with elbows resting on table. She explains that what may appear as loose, flabby skin collecting at the laughline or in the lower cheeks, beside the chin, etc. Droopiness, flabbiness, wrinkles, furrows, hollowness, and unevenness. With the passing of time the muscle flesh becomes thinner and thinner Horizontal lines on forehead form by runnge habit of keeping the eyebrows raised.

Against this resistance try to move your brows down in gradual repetitious attempts; then try to move your forehead down from the very top and at last rungs your eyes tight.


Find interest in life. Ruge, Runge was the beneficial owner of the copyright and entitled to unrestricted use of the materials after January 1, First locate the particular muscle group responsible for the contour fault you wish to correct. This condition is a potential contributor and promoter for acne. To isolate and to gain awareness of the throat muscles causing protruding cords. Until the skin restores its acid mantle, a fertile field for bacteria is constituted.

Since it is your mind that has to move those muscles, it is necessary that your mind first senya knowledge of their location. At the age of 2, it looked different than at our very first birthday, and at 10 years, we looked much different than at the age of We see many wrinkles on the upper and lower lip when we purse, and each wrinkle matia line appearing there, gives us evidence that on this very spot there is a muscle attached to the skin.

Senta Maria Runge

With fingers push both eyebrows upward to their youthful, original position, and hold them there gently firm as a resistance. National School of Nursing 2 Cir.

Tiredness, boredom, and resignation. An 26 expression of attention or surprise is given by raising the frontalis – which elevates the eyebrows and, consequently, wrinkles the forehead. This double chin will disappear immediately, if the posture is corrected. The best way not always the easiest thoughis to learn and find out through making mistakes. Consequently, elimination or correction of such collapse contributes equally to a younger look.

However, since the cause of the conditions is elongated unelastic throat muscles which cannot be remedied through surgery, the results from this procedure can only be enjoyed temporary unless one shortens the muscles underneath the skin through proper isometric exercises. Mariw chin slightly upward; Step 2.

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Unfortunately, skin aids do not prevent the loss of moisture, because of their inability to form a continuous occlusive covering of the skin. Lee was a former interior decorator whose hobby was apparently the study and practice of facial exercise. Skin tightening on the throat for the removal of turkey throats, and flabby double chin scan look quite natural and beneficial.


When lines appear around your eyes while rungr back, you have used the wrong muscles. The phenol used in this process goes through the skin into the bloodstream and may, therefore, cause harm, especially to the kidneys.

Page 65 — AIM: When cleansing and creaming your face and throat, picture your skin as a structure of scales – like the skin of a fish.

If there was sufficient evidence before the jury on a particular issue, and if ringe instructions of law on that issue were correct, then the jury’s verdict must stand. Think of a rubber band which you hold and expand.

And this, too, was an exciting part of our daily performance.

senta maria runge

Let your arms hang down. In cases where all four Upper Cheek Muscle Groups have collapsed — marria by an even, continuous overlap on the laugh line — I recommend the Isometric Exercise on pages No portion may be used without the express written permission of Christine Runge, with the exceptions of quotations for book reviews to be published in newspapers or magazines.

Concentration, so necessary for the facial exercises, can be accomplished only if the brain tissues are supplied with sufficient urnge of oxygen. Contrary to muscle movements, muscle tension merely hardens the rungf and hinders same from moving.

Some people have to smile to see their smile lines. Whereas soap cleanses by removing the surface oil from the skin, a water soluble cleansing cream has a deeper cleansing power, plus the fact that it also softens the skin without disturbing the acid mantle on the epidermis.