The Painted Bird [Jerzy Kosinski] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Painted Bird established Jerzy Kosinski as a major literary figure. 27 Mar Jerome Charyn’s “Jerzy” is a moving attempt to trace the Kosinski turned those stories into his first novel, “The Painted Bird” (), which. 14 Jun For all intents and purposes, Jerzy Kosinski was on the fast track for fame under fire with the publication of his third novel, The Painted Bird.

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But the real test of courage and spiritual enlightenment is on how we cope and deal with the poison that corrodes our systems, and I would like to believe against hope that we can rise above our own base impulses towards hatred, ignorance and persecution. They were mean, cruel people. The Moon Sister Lucinda Riley. You submitted the following rating and review.

And he is comfortable.

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Views Read Edit View history. They certainly became fact for our anti-hero who himself came to believe the very same things.

These were the Communist Party members. The boy is so traumatized from unrelenting abuse, he completely losses his capacity to speak for many months.

The Painted Bird by Jerzy Kosiński

There, its former companions would attack the painted bird and peck it do death. The main character is totally broken. In fact, it’s sometimes like the same short story written over and over again. Then he released the bird to fly in search of a flock of its kin, but when the painted bird came upon the flock, they saw it as an intruder and viciously attacked the bird until it fell from the sky.

And I do not mind reading gross scenes of violence as long as I feel it contributes something and isn’t just there to keep me wide-eyed long enough that I forget the book isn’t very well written and there’s been no character development.


Fat chance of that. Description Originally published in”The Painted bird” jerzg Jerzy Kosinski as a major literary figure. Kielce – Kosinskk 4, tue These, and many many more, became fact by the end of book.

The Painted Bird

Called by the Los Angeles Times “one of the most imposing novels of the decade,” it was eventually translated into more than thirty languages. Placed in an orphanage with all the other mutilated and mentally damaged children of war, new skills of survival are required.

Sadly, falling asleep while contemplating and discussing a book does not bode well for my opinion of the book but before you read any further, I by no means wish to discourage anyone from picking up this one of a kind novel.

Experiment in Literary Investigation v. What was so moving about this novel, however, was the main character of paibted boy who remains unnamed throughout, but whose iron will and resilient youth had made it possible for him to come out on the other side alive, though fragmented and forever changed.

An alien in the villages of the fair-haired. But… another part of me is just not feeling it. Or so I hear. Does the author provide any cause and effect?

Several days ago I saw my local library had a copy of The Painted Bird audio book and immediately checked it out. Also, as an act of catharsis I dare say it provided benefits for him and you certainly can’t begrudge him that. The allegory Kosinski makes is very simple in my eyes. There is an author’s afterword read by Michael Aronov. However, he was a Polish Jew and survived so must have had help from Christian Poles. The Painted Bird also operates on the wisdom that there are no happy lives, just happy moments, and about fifty pages near the end, the readers are allowed to view snapshots of the boy’s life in the aftermath of the fall of the Third Reich and though there was nothing immediately uplifting about it, it’s the best happy ending he could make out of from the traumatic experiences that have shaped him, and malformed him somehow.


Every physical hurt you can concieve of, with little mention of the mental and emotional backlash. It was psychologically painful and slightly numbing to peruse through, especially with each chapter dealing with deprived deviant acts of the social and sexual kind. Blah-Blah-beating-Blah-Blah-hanging from a hook to avoid certain death from vicious dog-blah blah-skinning a live rabbit-blah blah-thrown in a dung heapBlah Blahyou get the picture.

I have a six-year-old boy, so I like to think I have a basic understanding of the average developmental stage for the age, which not mesh with this book. The abuse reaches such a pitch, at one point he reflects on the nature of evil: Past Tense Lee Child.

It doesn’t feel like a subject to be made light of, personally, but it was also the only way I can endure reading the chapters–I had to find some sort of morbid amusement and detachment just so I don’t get thoroughly disheartened.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Though many in the literary community rallied around Kosinskihis reputation was sorely and irrevocably damaged. I almost wish I had left it there, unread. Friend Request Laura Marshall.