The Painted Word has ratings and reviews. Glenn said: Jack the Dripper, the king of Abstract Expressionism, an art movement author Tom Wolfe d . The Painted Word by Tom Wolfe Published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux, Reissued by Picador, ISBN $» Read an. than mine. It only took me about 20 years to figure it out, but I think I have finally penetrated what Tom Wolfe was up to in writing The Painted Word in

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In my subjective view, they should both be rich and famous, or at least a lot richer and a lot more famous.

From the Archives: Tom Wolfe’s ‘The Painted Word’ Gets Panned, in 1975

Among the many artists he grills, Wolfe practically skewers Jackson Pollock and says that his art was a mere creation at the request of what the galleries wanted and that leads to one of the more interesting points in dord book – that art is the art form that is least influenced by the general public’s demand.

This book is still painfully, awesomely funny. Still the prose is sharp and lively and the vignettes featuring Pollock, Warhol, and Picasso and their benefactors are priceless.

Tom Wolfe; A Critical Companion. Robert Rauschenberg beat the Minimalists at their own game a decade before they came on the scene: In this way, Wolfe says, the game has come full circle: No, in an age of avant-gardism the only possible strategy to counter a new style which you detest is to leapfrog it. Like the audience, Wolfe is bewildered by modern art. The Painted Word by Tom Wolfe. I would have liked to have gotten his point-of-view on the artists who continued to bust their asses to learn master techniques, the human form, and most of all, esthetically valid forms of abstraction.


I think he was afraid that too many of his readers would be overstimulated by the thought of a six-year-old at a pornographic movie. Very short and in audio without pics, most of it breezes by this Wolfe fan that is not an art aficionado.

This is the same argument that some are putting forward to explain the rise of identity politics with being a loyal ally to the victimized as the analog to supporting bohemian artists. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

The Painted Word

Friday, March 25, Book Review: When I read the last page, I returned to the beginning of the book and woolfe it again. Wolfe becomes determined to peel the layers of the onion that is contemporary art.

In fact, there were so many, I started categorizing them. Up to this pont Theory had been winning every round and it looked like painting was going to have to throw wolge the towel and abandon the title. Open Preview See a Problem?

The Painted Word by Tom Wolfe

Nevertheless I was inspired to rea Wolfe does have a zounds-slap-lightning way with phrases! Much of 20th century music is as unlistenable as 20th century art is unpleasant to look at. Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

Wolfe focuses most on the theories of the three leading art critics of that era: Wolfe refers wofd the well-educated people who appreciate the arts, saying this smug elite group have made the decision as to what art is for wllfe. The specific is not heard, only a sound—and the sound of The Painted Word combines the tones of propaganda with the promises of religious conversion.

When he leaves, the world that he visits are in tatters. Here, I think he really was prescient about what has come to pass. The subject of The Painted Word came up and Motherwell supposedly said, You know, this man Wolfe reminds me of a six-year-old at a pornographic movie.

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I can picture Pollack, sure, but not Jasper Johns The essential principal which has informed contemporary art, says Wolfe, is flatness. The moral economy has retained a legalistic morality but has eliminated any mechanism of tlm, atonement, absolution, forgiveness. Contemporary cultural values have been influenced by the Existentialism and relativism of the ‘s and art follows.

Mark My Words: Book Review: The Painted Word, by Tom Wolfe ()

In particular, Wolfe criticized three prominent art critics whom he dubbed the kings of “Cultureburg”: In various forms this metaphor was repeated by several different reviewers. Then we got rid of the third dimension altogether and got really flat Abstract Expressionism. In the midst of working teh stories about the space program for Rolling Stone —stories that would eventually grow into the book The Right Paintwd —Wolfe became interested in writing a book about modern art.

Earlier, misunderstanding Greenberg, Wolfe ridiculed his blunt way of saying that original art is different and necessitates a new way of seeing. It’s a small, easily readable book of around a hundred pages, some of which are almost empty or filled pzinted illustrations and photos.

Want toj Read Currently Reading Read. Wolfe’s argument in this short, entertaining, and completely wrong-headed polemic is based on the idea that the non-representational art of the last or so years is a hoax because it can only be appreciated by those who have learned and agree with various abstract theories. Jun 11, Norman rated it really liked it.