22 Sep Dive into Paul Johnson’s Flexbone triple option offense. Pistol Spread Option Playbook Version Conventional offense: 5 ½ Defenders to 4 ½ Blockers Double Option Play: 4 ½ Defenders to 4 ½ We have emphasized for years to step deep at 5 o’clock or 7 o’clock to mesh our triple play. The triple option, or any other option football play, is very similar in concept to a 2 An option offense is predicated on the concept of putting one or more players.

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The Service Academies FlexboneOption Your email address will not be published. Is their another place I can still get this course? Nebraska in — deployed an I formation triple option. playbbook

November 23, at If the defensive line leaves no obvious holes and takes away the dive pre-snap, the QB keeps the football and moves laterally along the line of scrimmage. Follow Mark on Twitter MarkSchofield. If, for example, the DE is blocking the FB or for any other reason it appears to him that his group of ball- carriers are otherwise limited, he will simply keep the ball himself instead of handing it off.

The isolated players are known as read keys and will be left unblocked. This site uses cookies. The second option is the Quarterback. The first option in this case is the Fullback. Back inNebraska dominated opposing defenses with their ground attack. These differ in terms of the personnel on the field and their positioning prior to the start of the play.

You need to understand why this disconnect occurs to overcome it and win.

If the defensive end comes inside toward the quarterback, he will pitch it outside to triplf trailing halfback. The San Diego Union-Tribune. The offensive team will begin by identifying the players they will isolate. In fact, you will only see him when the QB pulls the ball and sprints outside.


This has been a staple of the Flexbone for years though. Once again, the devil is in the details here, as the QB and B back will go away opption the toss, pulling the linebackers that have been watching him on the dive all day long to hopefully take a false step away from the action. This is a fast break and we all know that leads to scoring points.

There are three basic forms of triple option: Stanford Cardinal July 23, Trille the snap, he must identify all the defenders to read during a play, which can be up to three different players. If the defensive end squeezes down to take the dive, the quarterback will pull the ball and take his reading progression to the outside linebacker or defensive back.

The 1st Plaaybook The Quarterback gets the snap and must get his eyes on defender 1.

If the lineman attacks the fullback, the quarterback pulls the ball from the fullback’s gut and continues down the line, but if the defensive lineman goes outside to contain the play, he hands off inside to the fullback.

Their triple option is very effective at getting offrnse one of their three highly talented running backs lots of room to run the ball — four if you count the Quarterback.

Option The Nebraska Triple Option – Inside The Pylon

Georgia Bulldogs August 9, Led by quarterback Tommie Frazier and tailbacks Lawrence Phillips and Ahman Greenthe Huskers averaged plaubook per game running the ball. Doing this opens up a running lane for Frazier to the inside:. By Kyle Jones on April 29, at 1: The Dive Read and Pitch Read are left unblocked and the play develops through the two read progressions outlined above.

In order to defend the triple playbopk effectively, the defense will need to have three unblocked players in various areas on the play side. The Spread Read Optionand Option The QB first reads the defensive linemen over the tackle a DE in this diagram, but can be a DT depending on offnesewho is left unblocked. Teams like Ohio StateOregonand Arizona have used an inside zone triple option from the spread.


To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Some counting systems will go on to count a 3 and a 4 and will base their blocking schemes on the defensive alignment.

Triple option

On these plays the fullback will charge forward into the line while the running back circles to the sideline. The quarterback then starts the play in one direction by appearing to hand the football to the fullback right behind the play side guard on a standard fullback dive play. While Navy runs this play from a different formation, the rules friple the Offensive Line are basically the same as in any other scheme.

Running a zone tripke game and leaving him unblocked forces him to either go for the RB very aggressively, or sit patiently waiting to see if the QB keeps the ball.

Watch as the FB leads Frazier to the right for a first down conversion:. If the defender decides to cover the player without the ball, the ball handler will not pass and score a basket on his own. Within 2 years, Johnson and the Midshipmen went and beat New Mexico in the Emerald Bowl, cracking the final AP top 25 for the first time in 41 years. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

However, the game changes and defenses adjust. Contact the Triple Option Football Academy at The TE circled in red blocks inside, leaving Hanks untouched. Nebraska ran their triple option offense to perfection on this night, as they had done throughout their season.

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