A: The rules included in the box are really unclear about the dragon tile, but it is really quite simple. The dragon tile is a marker indicating who gets first draw in. Tsuro is a tile-based board game designed by Tom McMurchie, originally published by WizKids Even though it was published before Tsuro of the Seas, it has all the same rules and has a spaceship and asteroid theme. In this game the . RULES. Tsuro of the Seas is a board game for two to eight players. Players sail their ships by placing wake tiles and moving their ships along the routes that.

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Call of the Archons. Try to figure out where you started, and trace your path again to where your pawn should be. Although core gameplay remains the same, some of versions feature expanded rules or larger boards.

Players try and avoid these tiles during the game, and if they run into them, they are destroyed and lose the game. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Players are eliminated by following a path that ends at the board edge.


If the player does not roll gsuro enough they are eliminated from the game. Where can I place my tiles? Heroes of the Reef.

Once all players have three path tiles or the draw pile is empty, play continues clockwise around the board. Placing a tile will always lengthen your own path, so you will always have to move your pawn after playing a tile. Index All Recent Guidelines. The whirlpool tile destroys all ships and daikaiju tiles it comes in contact with. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Call of the Archons Teotihuacan: Views Read Edit View history.

Tsuro FAQ | Wiki | BoardGameGeek

Home Games Tsuro Game Rules. To play, players compete to have the last playing piece remaining on the board. Architects of the West Kingdom. It has 64 tiles, which is more than enough not to run out. Age of Sail Kingdom Death: If a player tries to draw a path tile and cannot do so because the draw pile is empty, he or she takes the Dragon tile instead, and no more path tiles are drawn that turn. The tile may be placed in any direction. The game was published by Calliope Games in The Dragon tile is only used when there are three or more players.

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A Review of Tsuro of the Seas”. There have also been a number of differently rulfs Tsuro editions and expansions released, beginning with Tsuro of the Seas.

Tsuro Game Rules

The dragon tile remains either at the bottom of the draw pile, or in the hand of the first player unable to draw. Tsuro also has a Star Wars spin-off called Asteroid Escape.

Unlike the original game, Tsuro of the Seas includes a gold and blue die that is used to decide the starting placement of the daikaiju tiles and their movement every turn. First of all, the Kosmos edition board has two sides, one with the standard 6×6 grid, the other with a 7×7 grid. Thus they are both eliminated regardless whether you use the collision rule or not. The path tiles are blue and represent the same movement, but there are daikaiju tiles to go along with them now.

Stained Glass of Sintra. After Calliope Games began publishing Tsuro, different versions and spin-offs of the game were created.