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Before Don Giovanni can complete his seduction of the maid, Masetto and his friends arrive, looking for Don Giovanni in order to kill him. More likely it was completed the day before, in light of the fact that Mozart recorded the completion of the opera on 28 October. Don Giovanni revels in the luxury of a great meal, served by Leporello, and musical entertainment during which the orchestra plays music from popular at the time lateth-century operas: For this production, he wrote two new arias with fedrai recitatives — Don Ottavio’s aria ” Dalla sua pace ” K.

He swears vengeance ” Il mio tesoro ” — “My treasure” — though in the Vienna version this was cut. Don Giovanni and Leporello arrive soon after.

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Gustave Flaubert called Don Giovannialong with Hamlet and the sea, “the three finest things God ever made. He shoves Leporello forward, ordering him to tell Donna Elvira the truth about him, and then hurries away.

The opera was commissioned as a result of the overwhelming success of Mozart’s trip to Prague in January and February Don Giovanni starts to flirt with her, but it xarino out he is the former lover she is seeking.


On realizing that Don Giovanni means to remain behind with Zerlina, Masetto becomes angry ” Ho capito!

I have for you! Donna Elvira comes to her window Trio: The Letters of Gustave Flaubert.

For the album by Lucio Battistisee Don Giovanni album. The opera’s final ensemble was generally omitted until the early 20th century, a tradition that apparently began very early on.

They accept the invitation and Leporello leaves the balcony. Beethoven and Danzi also wrote variations on the same theme.

In the Vienna production of the opera, Zerlina follows Leporello and recaptures him. The Commendatore blocks Don Giovanni’s path and forces him to fight a duel.

Italian Wikisource has original text related to this article: In modern-day productions, Masetto and the Commendatore are typically played by different singers unless limited by such things as finance or rehearsal time and spacealthough the same singer played both roles in both the Prague and Vienna premieres, and the final scene’s chorus of demons after the Commendatore’s exit gives the singer time for a costume change before entering as Masetto for the sextet.

Leporello takes off Don Giovanni’s cloak and reveals his true identity. Mozart in popular culture Beethoven-Haydn-Mozart Memorial.

Don Giovanni – Wikipedia

What fine medicine I want to give you. Don Giovanni poses as Leporello whose clothes he is still wearing and joins the posse, pretending that he also hates Don Giovanni.

Sung by Adelina Patti. He begs for mercy and, seeing an opportunity, runs off Leporello aria: Retrieved from ” https: Views Read Edit View history. Don Ottavio produces a pistol and points it at Don Giovanni, and the three guests unmask and declare that they know all.


He accuses her of being cruel, and she assures him that she loves him, and is faithful “Non mi dir” — “Tell me not”. In the Vienna version, Don Ottavio, not yet convinced Donna Anna having only recognised Don Giovanni’s carinl, not seen his faceresolves to keep an eye on his friend ” Dalla sua pace la mia dipende ” — “On her peace my peace depends”.

Donna Elvira tries to protect the man who she thinks is Don Giovanni, claiming that he is her husband and begging the others to spare him. The statue disappears and Don Giovanni cries out in pain and terror as he is surrounded by a chorus of demons, who carry him down to Hell.

Mozart entered the work into his catalogue as an opera buffa. A screen adaptation of the opera was made under the title Don Giovanni in directed vecrai Joseph Losey.